Industrial Design Studios

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    Amos Boaz

    The studio specialized in industrial design and styling of high performance vehicles. Amos Boaz also lectures in the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem.

  2. Collective Ten

    Collective Ten

    Collective Ten is an industrial and product design firm founded by award winning designer Colin Nourie.

  3. Catalyst Design Group

    Catalyst Design Group

    Catalyst builds global brands by designing the right product with the right story at the right place at the right time.

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    Meyerhoffer creates innovative products and new experiences. Meyerhoffer is one of the few studios successfully working in a wide variety of fields, crossing over between sport, tech and furniture with clients like cappellini, Nike, Smith, Danger and Ericsson.

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    Design Element

    Design Element provides world-class product design and emotive brand synergy for the advancement of business and the human experience.

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    Spindel Design

    Spindel Design is an independent design studio in Los Angeles with a specific focus on industrial and graphic design for the professional, mobile and consumer electronics industries. Spindel Design's broad, interdisciplinary approach has enabled the studio to serve as a complete design services agency, providing industrial design through production engineering, applied graphics, corporate identity, retail packaging and print design.

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    Lucaci Studio

    Lucaci Studio is a multi-disciplinary studio that uniquely partners with key clients to create breakthrough and iconic product solutions. Our wide range of disciplines extends from furniture design to everyday household products, smart objects for high-tech consumer electronics to design branding and recently behavioral based graphic user interface.

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    PGB Studio

    PGB is an industrial design studio based in Nuremberg Germany. Our aim is to give an experienced and creative answer to the emerging market demand.

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    Didimo provides integral Industrial Design Services developing new products and design concepts. We are focused on the design of medical and pharmaceutical equipment for the manufacturers of a wide range of medical and healthcare markets.

  10. Dhemen Design

    Dhemen Design

    Created in 1995, Dhemen is a multidisciplinary design studio with a strong track record in the industrial sector. The team from Dhemen, led by the Esnal brothers, understands design as a creative activity which blends artisan and industrial processes, and which offers undeniable value to a product, by balancing form and function.

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    Studio Bizq

    The founder of Studio Bizq, Timo Voorhuis, studied Industrial Product Design at The Hague University for Professional Education. He set up the design agency over four years ago and it has been established at the Noordeinde in the Hague for the past year. Studio Bizq works for companies that feel very strongly about innovation.

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    Block is a design collective specialising in the design and manufacture of interior accessories for retail, hospitality and corporate events/gifts.

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    We Design

    Design studio in Athens, Greece. A team of associates with different backgrounds that cover all design fields.

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    Nextdesign provides advice and assistance in developing new products and services, drawing on experience with clients in many fields from high value luxury goods and electronics to high volume consumer products.

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    Kadabra is the first and only design agency in Norway built on competence from the Industrial Design program at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). We currently consist of five designers, to which we regularly add highly capable and resourceful people for collaboration on projects.

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    Soma Design Studio

    Soma is a product design studio with a worldwide partnership network capable to offer the best solution to our clients' needs. We make people get engage with products and experiences, making them fall in love with your brand.

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    Design Gang

    Design Gang is a design studio specialized in product, graphics, interior design, didactics and R&D.

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    Melody Sirman

    Melody Sirman Design Studio, based in Geneva, is a multidisciplinary studio offering to its clients industrial design, interior design, graphic design, event and communication services.

  19. Lines Designworks

    Lines Designworks

    Lines is an industrial design and branding agency with offices in Bangkok, Thailand and Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We create lasting brands with memorable products and intuitive interactions that continue to resonate, long after the advertisements and packaging are gone. We share a passion for making the everyday beautiful through the objects that surround us.

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    Middlecott is an international design organization based in San Francisco, California. Transport designer Brook Banham and graphic designer Judith Grubinger Banham founded Middlecott to create contemporary solutions for the world of design.

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    Corrado Tibaldi Design Consultancy is a Geneva based product design and development consultancy crosslinking limited editions, food design and communication projects.

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    MYdesign Group

    MYdesign Group assists our clients in achieving success through innovative market driven product design and development.

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    Gonzalez Bosque Studio

    Gonzalez Bosque is an industrial design studio focused on the development of new products with more than five years experience, exporting design and innovation to the European and Latin American market. Headquartered in Buenos Aires Argentina, Gonzalez Bosque exports high quality design under a very small economic cost.

  24. Chesworth Design

    Chesworth Design

    Chesworth is a British product design studio, focused on creating stylish, fun and practical products for the home and office.

  25. Industrial Strength

    Industrial Strength

    William Lee brings innovative industrial design through the lens of art, design, science, and technology. Working between San Francisco and New York, his projects span from global brands as Samsung, LG, Motorola, HP, Intel, and Nvidia.