Industrial Design Studios in Denmark

  1. 3XUID


    3XUID is a product design studio. We see ourselves as a generator of innovative thinking and provider of functional and recognizable design solutions for our clients.

  2. HarritSorensen


    After 25 years in business, HarritSorensen occupy the spot of seasoned veterans in their field of industrial design. With a wide range of projects across a broad spectrum of industries, the firm prides itself on great versatility and expertise, and clients across the board speak of the direct positive impact of the HarritSorensen award-winning designs on market share and the bottom line.

  3. Kilo


    Headed and founded by award-winning designer Lars Larsen, Kilo is a Copenhagen-based, idea-driven industrial design studio. Kilo was founded in 2005 and is today among Scandinavia's most influential studios. At the cross-section between technology and culture, Kilo designs with a holistic approach, merging innovation and strategy in the search for improved solutions for the future.

  4. Eskild Hansen

    Eskild Hansen

    Eskild Hansen Design Studios' Plug & Play design team is dedicated to make world-class industrial design, 360 degrees design for ambitious start-ups and experimental innovation projects. From studios in Copenhagen and Luxemburg, the design team is servicing European and American companies, as if they were a part of the internal team.

  5. Skibsted


    Skibsted is a product development led creative agency based in Copenhagen. Works with major international clients like Puma, Biomega, Saab, Georg Jensen and Volkswagen.

  6. blank


    Soerig is an industrial design studio based in Denmark. Characteristic for Soerig Thomsen Design is passion and determination, together with the pleasure of designing the products of tomorrow.

  7. blank


    3PART designs industrial products and solutions for the Danish and global markets, from industrial components to assistive technology and lifestyle products.

  8. Ideaal


    Ideaal is a design and innovation studio, on a mission to help companies create great products and meaningful experiences through design. Since 2009 we have designed hundreds of products and experiences - we excel in consumer electronics, smart products and professional equipment where usability and user experience are an essential part of the product.