Information Design Companies

  1. Luminant Design

    Luminant Design

    Luminant Design helps to improve people's experiences through designs that build shared understanding. As your information design partner with experience in marketing, architecture, engineering and software environments, we offer design strategies and solutions for better, clearer communication.

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    Two Twelve

    Two Twelve is a graphic design firm that seeks sustainable solutions to problems of wayfinding, information and visioning for public and private sector clients. Our work makes places, ideas and plans more accessible, creating better experiences for wide cross-sections of the public.

  3. BRAIT Studio

    BRAIT Studio

    BRAIT Studio is passionate about graphic design and visual storytelling. We create data-driven infographics, which are mathematically accurate for marketing, sales, and corporate departments.

  4. Lorenc+Yoo Design

    Lorenc+Yoo Design

    Lorenc+Yoo Design creates spectacular places for the world's finest brands. We have designed award-winning museum spaces, trade show exhibits, sculpture, and wayfinding signage systems for clients in real estate development, hospitality, medicine, technology, entertainment, and education.

  5. Holmes Wood

    Holmes Wood

    Holmes Wood was founded in 2000 as a unique combination of complementary talents in wayfinding and graphic design. From our studio near The Barbican in London, we give clients incisive advice as a prelude to design work that is original and appropriate.

  6. Hothouse Design

    Hothouse Design

    Hothouse Design specializes in information design. The website showcases examples of information design and is itself an example of design for communicating information.

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    infogr8 is a modern information design agency in London focussing on showing data and narrative in the form of infographics and visualizations.

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    Schema is a research and design firm based in Seattle. We believe in turning information into action.

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    Mayer/Reed is a design firm providing visual communications services for the environments in which we live, work and play. Areas of focus include signage and wayfinding programs, interpretive exhibits, print graphics and electronic information displays for corporate, public, cultural and transportation projects.

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    TopDog Illustration

    TopDog Illustration specializes in visual storytelling. We believe breaking down your technology story or process into a very simplified form can be an effect way of creating an interactive dialogue with potential customers.

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    fd2s was formed in 1985, and for more than 25 years our talented, multi-disciplinary team has been creating wayfinding systems and environmental graphics programs that change the way people experience the world around them.

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    Catalyst Resources

    Catalyst Resources provides strategy, user interface design and rich internet application design for mission critical software applications.

  13. Edigma


    EDIGMA is an award-winning company designing interactive experiences and digital signage projects.

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    Funnel Incorporated

    Funnel Incorporated is an information design firm that makes the complex clear through the creation of infographics, icons, maps and instructions. We work directly with corporations and editorial departments or collaborate with a firm's existing advertising, interactive or public relations firm. Our backgrounds in illustration, graphic design, branding, marketing and public relations ensure our work is on brand and unique to an organization's mission, voice and look.