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Editor's Choices in Information Design

  • Stamen Design

    Stamen Design

    Stamen is a design and technology studio in San Francisco. We design and build maps and data visualizations in the Mission District for a wide variety of clients.

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  • ID/Lab


    ID/Lab are specialist wayfinding consultants. Our role is to optimize how people experience a space, and how they navigate through it. We accomplish this by arranging and designing processes, objects, information, communication and technology. Our design solutions aim to integrate with architecture, interiors and landscape intent. We have offices in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

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  • blank


    Manmade is a design consultancy. We help companies evolve through a strategic mix of research, design and implementation. We believe in clear communication, that less can be more, and that simpler is usually better.

    category Information Design Studios

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    Martin Wattenberg

    Martin Wattenberg's work focuses on visual explorations of culturally significant data. Martin constantly seeks new ways to represent information to create connection, insight, narrative and beauty.

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