Information Design Consultancies

  1. ID/Lab


    ID/Lab are specialist wayfinding consultants. Our role is to optimize how people experience a space, and how they navigate through it. We accomplish this by arranging and designing processes, objects, information, communication and technology. Our design solutions aim to integrate with architecture, interiors and landscape intent.

  2. Sapera


    Sapera is an analytical-creative consultancy. We use the power of data to take creativity and strategies to the next level. We develop data-informed solutions for communication, innovation, and transformation. This means: We combine data science and intuition when we build brand systems, develop communication strategies, or design data experiences.

  3. LIMAH


    As a global design firm, LIMAH creates exceptional human experiences through collaborations with major global clients to develop customer journeys, intuitive navigation and interactive experiences.

  4. Mijksenaar


    Mijksenaar creates wayfinding systems for buildings, campuses, parks, or even a complete city.

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    Steve Neumann & Friends

    Founded in 1974, The Design Office of Steve Neumann & Friends has become a National Benchmark in championing Wayfinding & Wayshowing signage design. We provide our clients, nationwide, with exceptional healthcare, institutional, commercial and corporate design solutions, with a commitment to excellence.

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    Corbin Design

    Since 1976, Corbin Design has been providing wayfinding consulting, analysis and master planning services while designing sign systems for healthcare, higher education and civic clients.

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    Optic Lingo

    Whatever your needs are, Optic Lingo has the talent and resources to bring your communication strategy to life, with flair and distinction. We pride ourselves on creating work that's not just visually appealing, but also appropriate to your company, product, strategy and target audience.

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    Emphatic Communications

    Emphatic Communications is an information design consultancy that helps healthcare organizations optimize and align how they communicate with key audiences. Our systems approach to communications planning emphasizes solutions that drive business goals, support your brand, and serve your audience's needs.

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    Triagonal is a design consultancy specialised in wayfinding and signage, eg. in airports, shopping centres etc.