Information Design Studios

  1. Stamen Design

    Stamen Design

    Stamen is a design and technology studio in San Francisco. We design and build maps and data visualizations in the Mission District for a wide variety of clients.

  2. Manmade


    Manmade is an information design consultancy. We help organizations launch and improve complex products and services.

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    Lemonly is an infographic design agency, specializing in visual marketing & interactive infographics that help your customers understand your data.

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    The Studio of Alex Tyers

    We are Australia's preeminent information design studio, providing in-house writing, research and design services. We specialise in financial and insurance PDS's, medicine packaging and instructional design, and information graphics.

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    Portable Studios

    Portable Studios, the production arm of Portable, works to develop creative concepts for technology. With a collective team based across Sydney, Melbourne and New York, we design and deliver innovative products and experiences over mobile, tablets, online, video and offline.

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    Iridesco is a studio based in downtown New York City. We specialize in graphic and information design and interactive technology. Each of our projects is custom-built and designed with passion and care.

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    JRC Design

    JRC Design works with clients, architects, civil engineers, landscape architects, marketing firms, public artists and municipalities to integrate environmental graphics, wayfinding, identity, and web into projects.

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    Vinilconsta is a commercial site that showcases the design and manufacture of signs in the Algarve, Portugal. A slightly different perspective has been used to integrate the signs into their environment; however the element of usability has still been maintained. The Flash programming takes into account time of login and as a result displays day, evening and night views.

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    Deep Interactive

    Deep Interactive, located in Chicago Illinois, is a strategic design studio that provides brand, experience, and interface design, usability testing and engineering for print, desktop, wireless, WAP and broadband.