Interaction Design Studios

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  1. Gagarin


    At Gagarin we create highly interactive media solutions that allow people to experience stories vividly, understand interesting content and share their discoveries with others. Our customers are museums, companies, municipalities and institutions that utilize our work in showrooms and visitor centers, at events and online.

  2. Lab101


    Based in Antwerp, Lab101 develops games, applications, mobile, and interactive installations.

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    Seeper is an arts and technology collective. Founded in 1998 Seeper's nucleus is the pursuit of essence. Exploring natural user interaction and ubiquitous computing to create multi-sensory experiences and memories.

  4. Sennep


    Sennep designs and builds digital products that are beautifully simple, reassuringly smart and full of brand personality.

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    Redoctober Industrie

    Redoctober Industrie is a recognized supplier of established new media design services to major corporations as well as small, highly creative solutions to various projects.

  6. Bluecadet


    Bluecadet is an interactive studio specializing in multimedia experiences that excite, engage and inspire. We build dynamic interactive installations, applications, and websites for museums, universities, nonprofits, and corporations. We are storytellers for a digital age.

  7. zigzag


    zigzag is a multi-disciplinary team of creatives, shaping delightful & meaningful experiences. Founded in 2012 and based in Germany, we focus on designing services and digital products for Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups across very diverse industries.

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    Jackson Fish Market

    Jackson Fish Market helps companies large and small create beautiful, emotional, usable, and distinctive user experiences.

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    designfever is a world-class creative agency delivering full-service in the areas of user experience design, motion graphics, branding, and technology solutions since 2000.

  10. Frontend

    Frontend is an international UX Design consultancy putting users at the heart of design. We help our clients improve their business and reduce risk by integrating qualitative customer research into the design of their products and services.

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    Forge Media + Design

    Forge Media + Design is a multidisciplinary UX design and development agency that specializes in advancing user experience and audience engagement in digital and physical environments to create impact for our clients and generate dramatic results.

  12. Med44


    Med44 is a design studio started by Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena working in the fields of interaction design, technology, architecture and art.

  13. YouSir


    YouSir is a UX design studio that builds a strong connection with users and provides a pleasant user experience during each step of SaaS users' lifecycle. From attracting to retaining and expanding. We create only super friendly and happy experiences for users.

  14. QubStudio


    Qubstudio is a digital design agency aimed to create a seamless user and brand experience.

  15. Nascent


    Nascent is a team of passionate designers, developers, and producers who conceptualize, design, and engineer mobile and touch products that shape user behaviour based on needs.

  16. MING Labs

    MING Labs

    MING Labs is a truly global user experience design and development company. We work with our clients across digital strategy, internal enablement and world-class UX production to create digital products that change mindsets and behaviors.

  17. Say Yeah!

    Say Yeah!

    Since 2008, Say Yeah has worked to bring transformational change to organizations that can benefit from exceptional digital leadership. With a lens towards shaping more usable, accessible, and inclusive products and services, Say Yeah works to make meaningful change within organizations and across markets.

  18. W&CO


    W&CO is an independent design and development studio focussed on creating intuitive user experiences for interactive and built environments. Since 2011, W&CO has designed and developed applications that couple intuitive and sophisticated user experiences with trend-setting technology.

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    FeedTank is a group of design technologists who specialize in creating playful interactive spectacles with invisible interfaces. FeedTank specializes in creating interactive installations for events, interactive sidewalk projections for storefronts, children's museums and exhibitions.

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    Smashing Boxes

    Smashing Boxes is a creative technology company that integrates strategy, design and engineering to build interactive digital products.

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    Idean is a global design firm that works with the world's leading companies, helping them to create long-lasting relationships with their customers, through truly enchanting experiences. Since 1999, Idean has helped thousands of clients around the world to maximize the value of their digital solutions. With strong multicultural experience, a multidisciplinary team and a diverse design portfolio covering various different platforms and devices from tablets to heavy-lifting industrial machinery.

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    theMechanism is a multi-disciplinary design agency with offices in New York, London and Durban, South Africa. We provide visual and user interface design, front and back-end development and content optimisation services.

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    We help companies grow by designing meaningful products and services. We partner with established companies and startups helping identify opportunities, strategize the way to tackle then and prototype the user's experience of interacting with physical or digital touchpoints.

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    Sympozium is a french web agency. A team of 3 Art directors specialized in web creation located in Bordeaux.

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    Pinpoint Logic

    Pinpoint Logic is a User Experience Design (UXD) group in the creative environment of Portland, Oregon. We help companies identify opportunities and hidden niches, then design engaging products that fill them. We ensure your products are useful, usable, noticeable, sometimes beautiful, and almost always profitable.

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    Macadamian is a software development partner for North American companies that are developing new products and improving existing products. Our interaction design team helps customers turn ideas into products, from initial concept, to prototype, to customer feedback, to final design.

  27. Patten Studio

    Patten Studio

    Patten Studio brings together design, technology, and architecture to create interactive experiences for clients ranging from global luxury brands and tech giants, to museums and real estate. We design, develop, and bring to fruition interactive experiences that enable new styles and technologies of interaction between people and computers, expanding the vocabulary of design. We push the constraints of static digital interfaces and bring interactivity to objects and spaces, creating multi-sensory experiences that are enhanced, rather than supplanted, by technology.

  28. Fuzzy Math

    Fuzzy Math

    Fuzzy Math designs engaging sites, software and mobile experiences using research, co-creation, prototyping, and validation.

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    Facet Studios

    Facet Studios is an interface design and development firm started in San Francisco, California and is now currently based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.