Interior Design Companies in Singapore

  1. DB&B


    DB&B is a leading commercial interior design and project management establishment in the Asia Pacific region. Headquartered in Singapore, DB&B is also present in major cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Manila.

  2. designphase dba

    designphase dba

    As one of Asia's most experienced interior design firms, designphase dba has had the privilege to work on some of the most notable assignments in the region. The majority of these have been undertaken for companies which are held in the highest esteem in both regional and international communities. A wide variety of important interior design projects, have earned the firm its proud reputation as highly versatile innovators and creative problem solvers. The firm actively seeks challenging work which presents new or unusual circumstances, and are comfortable with breaking new ground when originating concepts.

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    Kelvin & Frank Reid

    Kelvin & Frank Reid offers interior design & real estate services for corporations. Based in Singapore, our past projects have reached out to the USA, UK and several countries in Asia.

  4. Space Factor

    Space Factor

    Space Factor is an interior design and build company that adopts styles that are contemporary and make it its utmost effort to ensure that the created space closely fit the unique lifestyles of our clients.

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    Unimax Creative

    Award-winning company specializing in interior design & renovation service for homes and offices in Singapore.

  6. Creative Mind Design

    Creative Mind Design

    Creative Mind Design provides bespoke interior design services, crafting meaningful and relevant interior spaces that bring fresh and compelling experiences for all to enjoy.

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    Mü Interior

    Mü Interior specializes in interior development for commercial and retail projects since 2000. At mü, we take a 360 degree approach in all aspects of interior development, from consulting to construction and project management.

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    Cactus Art

    Cactus Art is a leading interior design company based in Singapore specialized in commercial, corporate, residential interior design, office space renovation and turnkey project services in Singapore.

  9. Conexus Studio

    Conexus Studio

    Conexus Studio is an award-winning interior design practice specializing in workplaces that bring communities, aspirations and capabilities together.

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    OneStop Creative Associate (OSCA) is one of Singapore's forefront design-and-build service provider in both commercial and residential domains. Having been in the interior design industry for more than 10 years, OSCA has accumulated a considerable amount of experience working with blue chip clients across Asia.

  11. FineLine Design

    FineLine Design

    Fineline is an award-winning interior design company in Singapore that specializes in residential and commercial interior design.

  12. ID21


    ID21 is an award-winning interior design and build firm specializing in corporate offices and workplace transformation. Since 1996, we have helped businesses identify and appreciate the transformational impact of integrating modern workplace strategies into corporate offices. Our market-leading workspace design solutions stem from synergies of a comprehensive team of multi-disciplinary experts in design, furniture, planning, materials, project management and construction.

  13. Ampersand


    Ampersand offers professional commercial design & renovation services in Singapore with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

  14. KWYM


    KWYM is dedicated to creating interiors that reflect its client's personality and lifestyle, by capturing their design dreams and making them a reality.

  15. Space Matrix

    Space Matrix

    Founded in 2001, our design practice has evolved into a dynamic, agile, 21st ­century digital enterprise. We transform workspaces to create unique, immersive environments that are intuitive to employees needs, thereby helping our clients become more profitable, sustainable and ready to embrace the future. We have relevant project experience in over 55 cities and 14 office locations in Australia, China, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore (HQ), and the United States.