Jewelry Designers

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    Jenny Lawlor

    Jenny Lawlor is an Irish designer currently working with 3D printing technology to create contemporary jewelry. A love of linear structure, pure geometric shapes, bold forms, proportion and attention to detail inspired her to investigate the artistic application and manufacturing capabilities of 3D printing directly into precious metal.

  2. Wim Meeussen

    Wim Meeussen

    Wim Meeussen is a jewelry designer based in Antwerp. Wim's distinctive collection of wedding rings and jewelry has been a success since 1987.

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    Ed Levin

    Since 1950, Ed Levin Jewelry has been handcrafting the finest designer jewelry. Working with gold, sterling silver and platinum, our skilled craftspeople design eye-catching pieces of flawless beauty.

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    Ruth Ball

    Designer Ruth Ball is a specialist in enamelling. She creates a range of products, ranging in scale from contemporary jewellery and fine silverware to wall based artwork.

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    Emily Watson

    Emily Watson specializes in sterling silver and enamel art jewelry. She also produces a line of simple, modern sterling silver production jewelry, including multi-hoop earrings and necklaces which hinge for jaunty movement when worn.

  6. Yvonne Kelly

    Yvonne Kelly

    Yvonne Kelly creates jewelry with a personality. Handcrafted from sterling silver and solid gold, her jewelry is fun & wearable art.

  7. Rosie Kent

    Rosie Kent

    Rosie Kent creates timeless treasures influenced by the past across ready-to-wear collections and bespoke commissions. All jewelry is designed and handmade in the Peak District. We also work with skilled craftspeople in London and Birmingham.

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    Paula Mendoza

    Colombian designer Paula Mendozas web site highlights her feminine yet powerful necklaces, rings and bracelets utilizing 24kt gold, silver, metal and precious and semi-precious stones using chains and dimples as her base. Paula Mendoza designs style has continuously embraced elements that transcends generations; not only for their contemporary feel, but also for their quality and the materials used in their elaborations.

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    Lucia Jewelry

    Lucia Jewelry creates fabulous, one of a kind pieces of jewelry custom designed to please you and your desires. The designs meld luscious gemstones, unique vintage elements and glittering metals.

  10. Jacks Turner

    Jacks Turner

    Jacks Turner is an independent, Bristol-based jeweler, specialized in producing unique, contemporary engagement rings that are designed to sit seamlessly with their partnering wedding rings.

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    Anat Kaplan

    Anouk Jewelry by Anat Kaplan brings out the natural beauty of gems and metals in unique, custom jewellery, inspired by nature and the ancient world.

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    Contemporary jewellery design with innovative ideas and eco-friendly materials.

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    Vincenzo Taormina

    Vincenzo Taormina located in Philadelphia, is a metal artist who creates contemporary, different, unique, modern jewelry from unexpected materials like stainless steel combined with the pearls, the gold, the precious and semiprecious stones, in forms well beyond traditional jewelry concepts.

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    Sara Blaine

    Sara Blaine is a designer and manufacturer of sterling silver jewelry with semi-precious gemstones, fresh water pearls and 18K gold.

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    Sarah Jordan

    Award winning British designer Sarah Jordan showcases her highly regarded jewellery collections. Featuring distinctive sensual ranges in platinum, 18ct gold, silver, pearls and diamonds to excite all visitors.

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    Daniela Dobesova

    An award-winning designer of contemporary jewellery. Works include the Spiral Collection, which includes interchangeable attachment sets, allowing the wearer to express their own style.

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    Ann Biederman

    Jewelry of 22k gold designed by New York artist, Ann Biederman featuring ancient and classical designs. Ann Biedermans exquisite 22k jewelry is reminiscent of the golden ages of antiquity.