Jewelry Designers

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  1. Reena Ahluwalia

    Reena Ahluwalia

    Reena Ahluwalia is a multi-awarded Jewelry Designer, coveted Diamond Painter, and a Professor, whose artwork has made historic imprints.

  2. Lisa Robin Adkinson

    Lisa Robin Adkinson

    Lisa Adkinson's unique designs are a reflection of her interest in patterns, textures, shapes, and gemstones and how they work together. Each design embodies a particular emotional and spiritual connection, and her goal is to bring those feelings to life in every piece of jewelry she creates. Lisa is based in Dayton, Ohio.

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    Melissa Borrell

    Melissa Borrell creates sculpture and installations that integrate light, shadow and movement into space-transforming artworks. My work pushes the boundaries between the dimensions and between different disciplines. At the core of all of my work are the ideas of interaction, transformation and kinetics.

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    Eva Martin

    Gallery of fine contemporary handcrafted jewellery, designed and made by Eva Martin.

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    Christian Marc

    Portfolio of handcrafted custom fine jewellery incorporating gemstones, precious metals and ancient coinage. Designed and made by British goldsmith Christian Marc Wardle in his Miami workshop.

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    Edina Kiss

    Edina Kiss pieces are designed with beautiful natural stones cocooned in fine strands of gold and sterling silver which serve to distinguish her collections from other jewelry lines on the market.

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    Akiyo Matsuoka

    Akiyo Matsuoka jewelry in 18kt gold with pave diamonds, pearls and semi precious stones poetically joins forms of nature, music and sculptural design with a sophisticated aesthetic sensibility.

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    Michael Berger

    Jewelry designer Michael Berger presents modern design jewelry with kinetic elements in gold and stainless steel.

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    Laura Lombardi

    Laura Lombardi is a jewelry designer working from her studio in Fulton Market, Chicago. Laura's earliest forays into art came in the form of sculpture and mixed media, now apparent in the structure, geometric focus, and fluidity of her jewelry designs.

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    Gualti Di Salbego Gualtiero

    Gualti Di Salbego Gualtieroi is an artist-creator of contemporary jewels and a wearable textile art in Venice, Italy. Playful and unique handmade artistic creations.

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    Angela Tonali

    Angela Tonali continues to develop a lifelong passion for jewellery and jewelled accessories. Her designs are ductile and diversified, soft and simple shapes combine with modern and assertive forms.

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    Karen Bachmann

    Karen Bachmann is a master jewelry model maker based in Brooklyn, New York specializing in hand carved acrylic, wood, and semi-precious gemstone jewelry, as well as custom pieces in platinum, gold, and silver.

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    Björn Weckström

    Björn Weckström is a reformer of Finnish jewellery art, whose unique style has aroused both national and international attention since the 1960s.

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    All Bilingual collections are sculptural, push the perception of what jewellery can be & engage the wearer with quirky concepts. Quality handmade, unisex, silver jewelry created to draw attention.

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    Daniel Moesker

    Daniel Moesker designs and creates fashionable high class jewellery made out of 18 karat gold, pearls and precious gemstones.

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    Claudia Endler

    Combining graphic and architecture elements while using the power of proportion and the omission of non-essential elements, creating timelessly modern fine jewelry for men and women. Specializing in engagement, wedding rings and custom design.

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    Shamila Jiwa

    Shamila follows her instinctual sense for design and style to create jewelry that is a whimsical yet elegant melange of fine worldly components. Like timeless works of art, each piece is composed of pleasing stunning gems in vivid color combinations and textures to unleash your inner adventurer.

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    Elin Ryd

    Contemporary handmade jewellery or design jewellery in small collections.

  19. Kim Riedel

    Kim Riedel

    Designer of ancient and art inspired jewelry, now working from Berlin, Germany. She uses sterling silver, copper and gold plated sterling and brass to create bold, imaginative pieces that have feeling and soul infused in each piece.

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    Kate Wood

    Kate Wood makes contemporary beaded and chain work jewellery which is admired for its delicacy, intricately detailed finish and lightness of touch. Working from her studio at award-winning creative hub Cockpit Arts in London's Holborn, Kate sells her jewellery through her website, and in galleries and boutiques worldwide.

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    Dominika Syczynska

    Dominikas Syczynska, who is heavily inspired by modern art and design, creates unique jewellery out of diverse materials. In her designs, she tries to realize fantasy in jewellery by assembling meticulously each piece by hand.

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    Alison Redman

    British designer goldsmith Alison Redman designs and makes bespoke jewellery to commission, in silver, gold and platinum with semi-precious and precious stones. She also has her own collections of jewellery designs inspired by tiny organisms, nature and colour.

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    Ian Davidson

    Gallery representing the work of Canadian jewellery designer Ian Davidson. Working in 18k gold and platinum set with precious coloured gems and diamonds.

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    Jessica Flinn

    Crafting gorgeous and innovative watches, earrings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, Jessica Flinn is one of the preeminent names in the UK's jewellery industry today.