Jewelry Designers in the United States

  1. Lisa Robin Adkinson

    Lisa Robin Adkinson

    Lisa Adkinson's unique designs are a reflection of her interest in patterns, textures, shapes, and gemstones and how they work together. Each design embodies a particular emotional and spiritual connection, and her goal is to bring those feelings to life in every piece of jewelry she creates. Lisa is based in Dayton, Ohio.

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    Melissa Borrell

    Melissa Borrell creates sculpture and installations that integrate light, shadow and movement into space-transforming artworks. My work pushes the boundaries between the dimensions and between different disciplines. At the core of all of my work are the ideas of interaction, transformation and kinetics.

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    Christian Marc

    Portfolio of handcrafted custom fine jewellery incorporating gemstones, precious metals and ancient coinage. Designed and made by British goldsmith Christian Marc Wardle in his Miami workshop.

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    Edina Kiss

    Edina Kiss pieces are designed with beautiful natural stones cocooned in fine strands of gold and sterling silver which serve to distinguish her collections from other jewelry lines on the market.

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    Akiyo Matsuoka

    Akiyo Matsuoka jewelry in 18kt gold with pave diamonds, pearls and semi precious stones poetically joins forms of nature, music and sculptural design with a sophisticated aesthetic sensibility.

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    Laura Lombardi

    Laura Lombardi is a jewelry designer working from her studio in Fulton Market, Chicago. Laura's earliest forays into art came in the form of sculpture and mixed media, now apparent in the structure, geometric focus, and fluidity of her jewelry designs.

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    Karen Bachmann

    Karen Bachmann is a master jewelry model maker based in Brooklyn, New York specializing in hand carved acrylic, wood, and semi-precious gemstone jewelry, as well as custom pieces in platinum, gold, and silver.

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    Claudia Endler

    Combining graphic and architecture elements while using the power of proportion and the omission of non-essential elements, creating timelessly modern fine jewelry for men and women. Specializing in engagement, wedding rings and custom design.

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    Shamila Jiwa

    Shamila follows her instinctual sense for design and style to create jewelry that is a whimsical yet elegant melange of fine worldly components. Like timeless works of art, each piece is composed of pleasing stunning gems in vivid color combinations and textures to unleash your inner adventurer.

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    Ed Levin

    Since 1950, Ed Levin Jewelry has been handcrafting the finest designer jewelry. Working with gold, sterling silver and platinum, our skilled craftspeople design eye-catching pieces of flawless beauty.

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    Paula Mendoza

    Colombian designer Paula Mendozas web site highlights her feminine yet powerful necklaces, rings and bracelets utilizing 24kt gold, silver, metal and precious and semi-precious stones using chains and dimples as her base. Paula Mendoza designs style has continuously embraced elements that transcends generations; not only for their contemporary feel, but also for their quality and the materials used in their elaborations.

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    Lucia Jewelry

    Lucia Jewelry creates fabulous, one of a kind pieces of jewelry custom designed to please you and your desires. The designs meld luscious gemstones, unique vintage elements and glittering metals.

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    Sara Blaine

    Sara Blaine is a designer and manufacturer of sterling silver jewelry with semi-precious gemstones, fresh water pearls and 18K gold.