Branding Design Companies in Germany

  1. KMS Team

    KMS Team

    KMS TEAM is Germany's leading firm for brand strategy, brand design and brand communication. Established in 1984, the firm now employs over 85 brand experts in the disciplines of consulting/strategy, text/concept, corporate design, communication design, 3D design, event design, interactive design, motion design, financial communications, pre-press and production.

  2. KW43 Branddesign

    KW43 Branddesign

    KW43 Branddesign has stood for exceptional brand and design developments since 1998. Further agency focal points include brand management, service design / user experience (UX), editorial, financial communications and employer branding. Our teams are made up of design, digital and communication experts, because intelligent design solutions that function cross-medially and create real value only come about through a consequential combination of high design creativity, technological excellence and sound strategic competence.

  3. blank


    Substance is a strategic brand and product design firm. At substance we believe that successful brands and products require cultural relevance. Therefore we go deep to generate essentials: from unifying ideas to compelling solutions that really connect with people - from promise to experience to memory.

  4. Lindgrün


    Based in Berlin, Lindgrün develops frameworks for authentic brands. Therefore we conduct quality market, trend and design research as well as ideations, using methods derived from design and focused on stakeholder relevant issues.

  5. blank


    Syndicate is an independent design company for the holistic staging of brands. We have years of know-how in the fields of product and corporate branding.

  6. Startling Brands

    Startling Brands

    Startling Brands is a branding and corporate identity specialist firm. Strong focus on future trends forecasting. Working globally with industry-leading, innovative, purposeful companies and institutions.