Branding Design Companies

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  1. Trollbäck+Company


    Trollbäck+Company is a branding and design studio established in 1999 by celebrated Swedish designer Jakob Trollbäck. They work with mission-driven organizations and global brands to create strategy, design, content, and experiences that stimulate bold actions and produce lasting impact.

  2. Coley Porter Bell

    Coley Porter Bell

    Coley Porter Bell is a brand design agency using learnings from neuroscience to create beautifully persuasive brands. We deliver design and innovative brand strategies that engage both parts of the brain to deliver measurably brilliant results.



    COLLINS is an independent strategy and brand experience design company. We create communications, products, and environments that transform brands, drive business, and improve people's lives.

  4. Creativeans


    Creativeans is an interdisciplinary branding and design consultancy based in Singapore, Milan and Jakarta. Business leaders trust us to solve their strategic and creative challenges: from branding, product design, UI/UX design, packaging design to communication design, across industries and regions. Guided by our systematic approach and methodologies such as BrandBuilder and Design Thinking, we work with small and mid-size companies, institutions and seasoned entrepreneurs to build brands that matter.

  5. GBR Design

    GBR Design

    GBR is a global brand consulting and design company based in Italy, US and Singapore that combines strategy, data-driven insights, standout visual expression & digital expertise to transform businesses.

  6. Wolff Olins

    Wolff Olins

    Wolff Olins is a global agency creating transformative brands that move organizations, people and the world forward. For over 50 years, we've been delivering strategy, design and change to help advance organizations in moments of inflection. From imagining the new to re-imagining the established, our superpower is energizing organizations around opportunity and finding the confidence to act.

  7. MetaDesign


    Founded in 1979, MetaDesign combines research, analysis, technology, and design to visualize new scenarios for connecting with basic human behaviors and needs, then responding to those needs by developing and delivering new brand, service, and product offerings.

  8. Eight


    Eight is an award-winning global branding and design firm. Established in 1993 by Norwegian brothers Bjorn and Chris Fjelddahl, Eight designs transformative brand experiences for ambitious clients - Apple, Blackstone, Cathay Pacific, Dyson, HSBC, Oneworld Alliance, Tishman-Speyer, The Economist and more.

  9. ECHO


    ECHO is a London-based innovation, brand strategy and design agency with a passion for innovation and designing sustainable futures for all. Echo works in partnership with its clients to create and develop brands that are brilliantly compelling, useful, caring and environmentally responsible.

  10. The Allotment

    The Allotment

    The Allotment is a London-based design and branding business driven by our love for creating brilliant, compelling work that's impossible to ignore.

  11. FutureBrand


    FutureBrand is a global brand transformation company. Through branding skills and foresight, we help companies create the future for their brands and businesses. Around the world, we combine strategic thinking and creative inspiration to help our clients create, build and manage brands. Whether branding a company, a product, a service or a movement we believe that great results can only be achieved through a combination of inspiration and collaboration.

  12. Interbrand


    Interbrand, the leading brand consultancy and authors of the annual ranking of "The Best Global Brands," published by BusinessWeek, combines the rigorous strategy and analysis of a management consulting practice with the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of branding and design. The company offers a comprehensive array of consulting services that guide clients in the creation, enhancement, maintenance and valuation of their most valuable asset - their brands.

  13. Archrival


    Archrival is a youth brand strategy and design firm that helps brands engage young consumers. With a client base that includes Red Bull, State Farm, Honda, Pabst Brewing Company, A&E Network and many more, Archrival provides a broad range of services including branding, advertising, packaging, interactive, game development, social media applications, and media.

  14. Brandient


    Brandient is the award-winning brand strategy and design company with offices in Bucharest and Singapore. With a proven track record in difficult markets, we deliver innovative branding solutions for the emergent entrepreneurs and companies.

  15. Construct


    Construct are brand alchemists who art direct businesses through creative thinking and beautifully crafted design. Like their clients, they are dedicated to the authentic, the specialist and the sophisticated. Central to their consultancy is a belief in the transformational power of design thinking and the conviction that resonant, sustainable brands benefit from intelligent positioning, refreshing ideas and engaging visual communications. Construct helps its clients achieve their goals through strategic consultation and art direction as well as carefully considered design solutions.

  16. KMS Team

    KMS Team

    KMS TEAM is Germany's leading firm for brand strategy, brand design and brand communication. Established in 1984, the firm now employs over 85 brand experts in the disciplines of consulting/strategy, text/concept, corporate design, communication design, 3D design, event design, interactive design, motion design, financial communications, pre-press and production.

  17. R/GA


    R/GA Branding aims to redefine branding for the digital age. It understands that a brand's behavior in the digital space helps define consumer perception. R/GA Branding's goal is to utilize the agency's sophisticated design sensibility and its proficient understanding of brand architecture to set a new branding standard for the digital age that includes branded interfaces for online, mobile, retail, and out of home.

    New York, NY, United States
  18. blank


    CLTG is a corporate branding design company based in Paris. The company offers corporate identity, packaging, print, multimedia and signage design services.

  19. blank


    mono is a Minneapolis-based company that believes in the power of simplicity, putting it to work to create innovative communications for clients that include Herman Miller, Apple, Blu Dot and the Harvard Business School.

  20. blank

    We Are Plus

    A strategic creative ideas studio, We Are Plus are brand movement specialists and creative catalysts poised to deliver what is needed by brands today and tomorrow. The company's unique expertise successfully transports brands, products, ideas and innovation to market.

  21. Red Antler

    Red Antler

    Red Antler is a branding & design consultancy specializing in startups and new ventures.

  22. blank

    Falk Harrison

    Falk Harrison is a leading brand communications agency with a strong 40-year history of successfully serving major corporate clients throughout the Midwest.

  23. Vinille Büro

    Vinille Büro

    Vinille Büro - an independent global creative agency. We are here to transform companies by designing the best-in-class experiences, driven by strong creative, organizational strategy and using new media channels, design and tech operations.

  24. Edenspiekermann


    Edenspiekermann design brand experiences. We start with a strategy, choose the appropriate media to deliver it and then design the complete experience.

  25. blank

    Lloyd Northover

    Lloyd Northover, the brand strategy and creative design agency, delivers brand strategy and design across a range of industries with a strong focus on the retail, financial services, education and regeneration sectors. Lloyd Northover's capabilities include customer insight and market research, brand strategy, creative strategy, and retail design.

  26. blank

    Streative Branding

    We are passionate real-life observers and brand story tellers. We narrate how the consumer thinks and feels. We are a springboard for inspired branding.

  27. blank

    Scholtysik & Partner

    We are an independent branding and design agency based in Zurich. We help ambitious corporations and institutions build and maintain powerful brands.

  28. KW43 Branddesign

    KW43 Branddesign

    KW43 Branddesign has stood for exceptional brand and design developments since 1998. Further agency focal points include brand management, service design / user experience (UX), editorial, financial communications and employer branding. Our teams are made up of design, digital and communication experts, because intelligent design solutions that function cross-medially and create real value only come about through a consequential combination of high design creativity, technological excellence and sound strategic competence.

  29. VSA Partners

    VSA Partners

    VSA is an experienced, high-performing branding firm for the modern age. We blend world-class strategic, creative and digital capabilities to help businesses drive results by inventing, reinventing and building brands positioned to thrive in today's dynamic environment.