Branding Design Companies in the United Kingdom

  1. Coley Porter Bell

    Coley Porter Bell

    Coley Porter Bell is a brand design agency using learnings from neuroscience to create beautifully persuasive brands. We deliver design and innovative brand strategies that engage both parts of the brain to deliver measurably brilliant results.

  2. Wolff Olins

    Wolff Olins

    Wolff Olins is a global agency creating transformative brands that move organizations, people and the world forward. For over 50 years, we've been delivering strategy, design and change to help advance organizations in moments of inflection. From imagining the new to re-imagining the established, our superpower is energizing organizations around opportunity and finding the confidence to act.

  3. ECHO


    ECHO is a London-based innovation, brand strategy and design agency with a passion for innovation and designing sustainable futures for all. Echo works in partnership with its clients to create and develop brands that are brilliantly compelling, useful, caring and environmentally responsible.

  4. The Allotment

    The Allotment

    The Allotment is a London-based design and branding business driven by our love for creating brilliant, compelling work that's impossible to ignore.

  5. Construct


    Construct are brand alchemists who art direct businesses through creative thinking and beautifully crafted design. Like their clients, they are dedicated to the authentic, the specialist and the sophisticated. Central to their consultancy is a belief in the transformational power of design thinking and the conviction that resonant, sustainable brands benefit from intelligent positioning, refreshing ideas and engaging visual communications. Construct helps its clients achieve their goals through strategic consultation and art direction as well as carefully considered design solutions.

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    Lloyd Northover

    Lloyd Northover, the brand strategy and creative design agency, delivers brand strategy and design across a range of industries with a strong focus on the retail, financial services, education and regeneration sectors. Lloyd Northover's capabilities include customer insight and market research, brand strategy, creative strategy, and retail design.

  7. Superunion


    Superunion is a next-generation brand agency built on a spirit of creative optimism. We use upstream creativity to build brands that unite people and organisations.

  8. venturethree


    venturethree is a world-class firm of global brand consultants. Branding is a powerful business tool and clients benefit from VentureThree's world-class expertise in global identity branding.

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    Honey provides strategy, design and marketing services to start-ups, growing businesses and some of the leading businesses in Europe.

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    Chaos Design

    Our strategy and methodology that enables clients to change or enhance the way their brand is perceived, change the way they approach their customers and change their marketing communications for the better - by delivering order, form and function through "chaos thinking." Working across a broad range of market sectors for clients ranging from major International and European Enterprises to SME's and Entrepreneurial niche companies.

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    The Hub

    Established in 1996, the Hub's motive is simple. We bring brands to life with an instinctive blend of creativity and understanding.

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    Crumpled Dog

    Crumpled Dog provides comprehensive creative & imaginative services specialising in brand development and corporate image for large and small businesses in all industries, helping them to connect with their customers, build brand value and succeed.

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    Paul Cartwright Branding

    Paul Cartwright Branding is a graphic design company specialising in the design of packaging graphics, logo design and retail brand identity. We have particular expertise in the skincare and health & beauty markets for both the high street and premium retail markets.

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    Moving Brands

    Moving Brands is an independent, global creative company. We help businesses create, grow and transform iconic brands that thrive in a moving world.

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    Noesis Design

    Noesis Design is a London based creative agency specialising in brand, print, and web design. With experience across a wide cross section of industries, Noesis deliver award winning creative work for a diverse range of clients.

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    Hat-trick is a design consultancy set up by three founding partners: Gareth Howat, David Kimpton, and Jim Sutherland, a massively experienced, multi-award winning team.

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    Sense Worldwide

    Sense Worldwide helps companies to really understand consumers in order to transform their people, businesses, products and services in preparation for the future.

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    Creative State

    Creative State offers you a dynamic blend of brand identity, print and website design services. With our passion for creativity and knowledge built over 8 years in the design and marketing industries, we can set you on the path towards energised branding, attractive design and persuasive communications.

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    BLU:72 Creative

    BLU:72 Creative is a Nottingham based graphic design agency specializing in logo design, branding and web design.

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    Underscore is a results-driven branding agency based in central London, specialising in helping brands make real and lasting connections.

  21. Boldly


    Boldly is an award-winning London design studio specializing in branding, packaging and web design. Our agency champions creative communication and big ideas that make brands stand out.

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    Interrelated supports its clients in managing various brand relationships, delivering greater alignment, innovation and transformation in their business. We do this by focusing on image, culture and technology and how these three may influence the business's reputation.

  23. fst


    fst is a strategy-led design agency working to solve business problems to build the brands of the future. We work primarily in brand and campaigns, across a wide range of sectors, in a variety of media. Whether it's building a brand from scratch or creating campaigns for an established one, our approach doesn't change. Being strategy-led means the idea always precedes the execution, form always follows function.

  24. Captivate Hospitality

    Captivate Hospitality

    Captivate Hospitality specializes in restaurant branding, graphic design, web design, and marketing. Since 2009 we have been helping clients to launch, grow, and thrive using a combination of a thorough understanding of the hospitality industry with a passion for creativity and extensive knowledge of digital marketing platforms.