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    Visual Arts of the Liquid Packaging

    Visual Arts of the Liquid Packaging features 250 remarkable modern liquid packaging designs from all over the world. The book has been categorised into six sections, including beverages, food, dairy products, care products, cosmetics and alcohol products.

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    Structural Packaging

    Unlike other packaging titles, which simply provide templates to copy, this book enables designers of all packaging types to create 3-D packaging forms that are specific to their needs rather than based on an existing design. It teaches a simple net construction system a one-piece 2-D configuration of card seen when a 3-D package is opened out and flattened which enables the designer to create a huge number of very strong 3-D packaging forms that are both practical and imaginative.

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    Boxed and Labelled 2

    Boxed & Labelled Two! is a compelling exploration of the power of state-of-the-art packaging design today and documents its main strategic directions-all of which address a longing for "truthfulness."

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    Package Form and Design

    In this volume, 160 high-quality commercial paper packages created by industry professionals, including such famous brands as Champagne Veuve Clicquot and Liberty, unveil the details of the package designs through photographs and schematic drawings, which help readers understand the construction of the boxes and how they work.

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    Around Europe Packaging

    It's all about Packaging in the next volume of the Around Europe collection. Selected packaging that stand out by their Unconventional, Exceptional, Experimental, Elegant, Chic, Exclusive solutions.

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    The Art of Package Design

    The Art of Package Design features the finest in worldwide packaging that functions as much more than simply product wrappers. This title includes projects from printed bamboo around Japanese denim, to purified water bottles that look like fine glassware, to eco-friendly boxed seeds, to designer shoeboxes for Nike sneakers, to cut out books doubling as planter boxes, to Pantone paint tins in every possible shade.

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    The Big Book of Packaging

    Intended as a comprehensive resource for designers, creative professionals, marketers, and retailers, The Big Book of Packaging contains 384 pages of the most innovative packaging designs from around the world. With over 500 featured designs and profiles of twelve of the world's leading designers, the book is a must-have resource for anyone interested in the future of packaging and design.

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    For Sale

    For Sale showcases packaging designs from 50 top firms. 15 firms are showcased with several spreads of work samples and an in-depth interview to capture their creative process and best advice.

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    Package Design Book

    Featuring the world's best packaging with in-depth case studies, Package Design Book analyses how ground-breaking designs are developed by top design and branding offices.

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    Choosing Color for Logos and Packaging

    Featuring hundreds of designs, Choosing Color for Logos and Packaging is not only a wonderful resource for ideas and inspiration, but also a handy manual that shows designers how to best communicate with color.

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    H2o: Water Package Design

    H2O - Water package design is a collection of some of the best-designed labels and bottles for mineral water.

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    Designing Sustainable Packaging

    Designing Sustainable Packaging is a practical book on creating packaging prototypes that reflect sustainable and ecologically sound principles.

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    Supermarket: Package Designs

    Supermarket package designs that add color to your daily life. This presents a wide variety of package designs for everyday products available at supermarkets, ranging from food and confections to various home products such as detergents, soaps, and daily wares.

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    Box Bottle Bag

    This inspirational and highly visual book, authored by TheDieline's editor in chief Andrew Gibbs, showcases examples of the best of the best from the website, plus never-before-seen projects from top packaging designers from around the world.

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    Designing for Re-Use: The Life of Consumer Packaging

    Packaging is ephemeral - its purpose is to be "wasted" once we've removed the product it contains. Whilst we are encouraged to "reduce, re-use and recycle", Designing for Re-Use proposes that domestic re-use is the "Cinderella" of this trinity, because it is under researched and little understood.

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    New Packaging Design

    Packaging today needs to do so much more than preserving, protecting, and promoting the products it contains. The rise of environmental issues and globalization mean that today's packaging designers must create innovative solutions that are also sustainable. This book shows how packaging design has changed to meet the demands of this new context.

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    Kyoteau: Bottled Memories

    Well conceived and delightfully packaged, this thick book documents perfume packaging designer Della Chuangs very own perfume project. For the project, the city of Kyoto was the source of inspiration, while the celebrated Cristophe Laudamiel was the designer of the fragrance. The publication collects Chuangs insights and experiences from her visit to Kyoto that drove the design and realisation of the scent along with its package design, and thus also acts as an illustrated guide to how designers in this field think.

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    Beauty and Healthcare Package Design

    A collection of bottle and package designs for healthcare and beauty products from cosmetics and perfumes to body and hair-care products, as well as nutritional supplements.

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    Packaging Design: A Cultural Sign

    A collection of day to day products, available from supermarkets worldwide, that illustrate the particular tastes and styles of the individual countries and people.

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    Really Good Packaging Explained

    This book, the second in the series following Really Good Logos Explained, addresses the elements of effective packaging vs. packages that aren't successful and what makes a particular design more powerful or attention-getting than others. Four well respected design professionals - each of whom will specialize in the area of product packaging - evaluate the 300+ design examples in the book. Each author provides specific and to-the-point observations and critiques.

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    Package Design Now

    No other book on the market explores global contemporary packaging to the extent and detail that Package Design Now! does. Practically everything you buy comes in some sort of package-some are just functional, while others strive to be as innovative, elegant, and eye-catching as possible.

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    1000 Package Designs

    Packaging is everywhere you look-it's in your refrigerator, your medicine cabinet, your closets, on the streets, in the stores, etc. Putting together a compendium of 1,000 of the best packages will offer designers a true array of inspiration and illustrate why people make the buying choices they make.

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    Packaging Sustainability

    With initiatives like the Wal-Mart Scorecard in the U.S. and the E.U.'s Packaging Directive, delivering sustainable packaging is now an integral part of today's global competitive market. Written by experts from a wide variety of fields, here is a comprehensive, single source of actionable information that enables everyone involved in the design and development process to make smart, informed decisions, opening new possibilities for creating truly innovative solutions.

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    Antique Packaging

    More than a mere collection of antique packaging, Antique Packaging is a curious compendium of boxes from past eras which have left a mark on the present, principally by this kinds of images and graphic resources used in each of them.

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    Design Matters: Packaging 01

    The Design Matters series takes a more in-depth approach, allowing designers to learn not only how to create work that is aesthetically appealing, but also strategy-driven and smart. This book focuses on developing, creating and implementing package designs, while others in the series dissect brochures, logos, publications, and letterhead systems.

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    Color Harmony: Packaging

    Selecting the right color palette for any design project, whether personal or commercial, can make all the difference in getting it right. But choosing the right colors for packages in retail environment competing with thousands of other products, it is especially important to hit the right color note. This book will take the 23 adjectives from The Complete Color Harmony and show 10 different packages in a variety of categories in 3 color combinations each for every adjective.

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    Print and Production Finishes for Packaging

    With informative text and specially commissioned full-color photographs, Print and Production Finishes for Packaging shows the different effects that can be created, and the key print and production techniques used to achieve them.

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    Package Design Workbook

    This new addition to the Workbook series provides readers with a thoughtful packaging primer that covers the challenges of designing packaging for a competitive market in a very hardworking and relevant way.

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    The Designer's Packaging Bible

    The Designers Packaging Bible is an essential reference for packaging designers facing the challenge of producing a fresh and exciting response to a client's brief, within the constraints of a pressing deadline and a strict budget.

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    Structural Packaging

    More than 1.000 images showing the processes of creation, design and assembly of a selection of innovative packaging.