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    Paper Engineering: 3D Techniques for a 2D Material

    Paper Engineering explores graphic design that extends beyond 2D. From the simplest fold in a letterhead to the structural intricacies of a pop-up book, the construction of 3D paper objects requires as much input as the surface decoration.

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    Open Here: The Art of Instructional Design

    This book reveals how much we depend upon visual instructions in daily life. We consult maps, schoolbooks, traffic signs, training manuals and scientific illustrations. In "Open here", we focus on the visual instructions that help us to solve the most basic problems of each day: how to open a child-proof bottle of aspirin, make a reduced-sized double-sided photocopy, listen to voice mail using a mobile phone, program the microwave oven to turn on automatically and have dinner ready when we arrive home.

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    This End Up

    This End Up: Original Approaches to Packaging Design, Mono Design, Rotovision.

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    What Is Packaging Design

    What Is Packaging? lays the foundations and professional guidelines for best practice when designing contemporary packaging. It opens with several short essays which define good packaging design and the issues faced by designers in this field. Design basics such as format, layout and typography are explored within the context of packaging design, taking into account genre-specific elements such as product information, branding, marketing and legislation.

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    Design Secrets: 50 Real-Life Projects Uncovered

    Design Secrets: Packaging deconstructs 50 projects ranging from food and beverages to gift sets to electronics to illuminate some of the best thinking in this challenging arena. Unlike showcase volumes that present only the finished design, this book goes behind the scenes to highlight the entire design process, from how the idea was initially conceived to the techniques and trade secrets that produced the end result. Each project profile includes original sketches, computer visuals, color photographs, and other images, so designers can both see and understand how these award-winning designs came to life.

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    50 Trade Secrets of Great Design: Packaging

    The stories that follow are a unique document of an important process, for many of the designers I interviewed, who showed me their original roughs, said: "Even our client never saw these." I asked them all: How do you begin work on a design project? What sort of briefs do you get? What design process do you use? How do you know when it is the right solution?

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    The Packaging Designers Book of Patterns

    The Packaging Designer's Book of Patterns features 600 patterns and structural designs - all drawn to scale and ready to be traced, scanned, or photocopied.