Architectural Photographers in Canada

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  1. Shai Gil

    Shai Gil

    Shai Gil is a Toronto based Photographer specializing in architecture and interior design.

  2. Brandon Barré

    Brandon Barré

    Brandon Barré is a Toronto based commercial photographer who shoots across the world. Equal parts artist and technician, Brandon possesses a signature skill in lighting, an uncompromising eye for detail and a high level of expertise in digital retouching. A visual artist in all media from an early age, his singular passion for photography led to a home darkroom at the age of 15 and a continuation into film studies at university which contributes to the drama and cinematic look of many of his images. With 20 years of experience as a highly sought-after photographer of luxury hotels, residences and food, Brandon's compelling images speak for themselves.

  3. Ema Peter

    Ema Peter

    Ema Peter is a Vancouver based interior and architectural photographer. Ema holds a masters degree in art and applied photography from the national academy of theatre and film arts in Sofia Bulgaria.

  4. A-Frame


    A-Frame creates outstanding images of contemporary architecture and design, providing high-quality photographic services to architects, designers, developers, engineers, and other clients who require images of the constructed environment. Based in Toronto and New York, our work is regularly featured in design publications.

  5. Andrew Latreille

    Andrew Latreille

    Andrew Latreille is an architectural photographer well versed in creating images descriptive of the atmosphere and feeling of a space or place.

  6. Joel Klassen

    Joel Klassen

    Joel Klassen is a commercial photographer residing in Calgary, working across Canada and North America. Joel specializes in residential & commercial interior design photography, architecture photography, hospitality photography, and furniture photography.

  7. Simone Dicosta

    Simone Dicosta

    Simone Dicosta is an Italian photographer specialized in architecture and interiors. Simone earned a degree in graphic design and photography in Firenze, Italia. He is currently based in Ottawa and work between North America and Europe.

  8. James Brittain

    James Brittain

    James Brittain is an experienced London based photographer specialising in architecture and interiors.

  9. Doublespace


    Toronto based commercial and architectural photographers, Amanda Large & Younes Bounhar seek to create beautiful and striking photographs of interior and exterior architecture in Canada and abroad.

  10. Nic Lehoux

    Nic Lehoux

    Nic Lehoux is a Canadian architectural photographer who works with architects that push the boundaries of design of the built environment.

  11. Tom Arban

    Tom Arban

    Tom Arban is a Toronto based architectural photography studio. With an extensive portfolio spanning both architectural and travel photography we are constantly searching for new challenges locally and globally.

  12. Adrian Ozimek

    Adrian Ozimek

    Adrian Ozimek is an architectural and interior photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. With 8 years of experience, Ozimek places emphasis on producing the best possible images, in order to accurately represent each unique space.

  13. Bruno Belli

    Bruno Belli

    Bruno Belli is a commercial photographer specialized in architecture, interiors, and food, based in Toronto, Ontario.

  14. Hill Peppard

    Hill Peppard

    Hill Peppard is a Toronto-based editorial and commercial photographer, specializing in portraits, architectural interiors and still-life/product. For the past 25 years Hill has been creating images of people, spaces and things, capturing personalities, the beauty of interior design and the finite details in everyday objects.

  15. Jonathan Robert

    Jonathan Robert

    Jonathan Robert is a passionate team that works hard to create quality images. We specialize in advertising, architectural and industrial photography.

  16. blank

    Marc Cramer

    Marc Cramer is specialised in architectural photography, landscape architecture, and interior design.

  17. blank

    David Giral

    David Giral is a travel, architectural & interior design photographer based in Montreal and working in Toronto Ottawa Quebec.

  18. Peter A. Sellar

    Peter A. Sellar

    Peter A. Sellar is an architectural and fine art photographer with over 27 years of experience. Employing a style that brings an authentic sense of form, texture, space and light. Always striving to capture the spirit, life and poetry of the architect's vision.

  19. Lucas Finlay

    Lucas Finlay

    Lucas Finlay is a Vancouver based photographer specializing in architecture and interior design.