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    Claude-Simon Langlois

    Claude-Simon Langlois, experienced photographer based in Montreal with expertise in photography for hotels, design, interiors, architecture and the corporate and industrial domains.

  2. Erik Rotter

    Erik Rotter

    Toronto based Erik Rotter specializes in still life, interiors, portraiture, and all commercial photography.

  3. Marie Louise Munkegaard

    Marie Louise Munkegaard

    Marie Louise Munkegaard moves in the diverse field of lifestyle photography with an emphasis on a clean, unmistakably Nordic aesthetic. She shoots artists' portraits bathed in natural daylight, in which the raw, often minimalistic settings speak volumes about the subjects, as well as food imagery for the likes of world-renowned Michelin-restaurant Kadeau. Additionally, she shoots interiors for magazines & restaurants and is passionate about her travel editorials assignments.

  4. Tim Franco

    Tim Franco

    Shanghai based photographer Tim Franco takes photography assignments in Shanghai, Beijing and all China.

  5. Anthony Tahlier

    Anthony Tahlier

    Anthony Tahlier is a Chicago photographer who specializes in portraiture, food and drink, home and garden, celebrity and hospitality photography.

  6. Ugur Vidinligil

    Ugur Vidinligil

    Ugur Vidinligil is a commercial photographer based in London, specialized in food & spaces.

  7. Alastair Philip Wiper

    Alastair Philip Wiper

    Alastair Philip Wiper is an English photographer and based in Copenhagen and working worldwide. From the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, to giant shipyards in South Korea and radio observatories in Peru I work with the weird and wonderful subjects of industry, science, architecture, and the things that go on behind the scenes.

  8. Tyllie Barbosa

    Tyllie Barbosa

    Tyllie is a Chicago based, food and still life photographer, and director. Her beautifully crafted images have been published for well-known clients such as Ulta Cosmetics, McDonald's, Kellogg's, Daisy Dairy, Kerrygold, Ziploc and Crate & Barrel.

  9. Judith Stenneken

    Judith Stenneken

    Judith Stenneken is a visual artist working in photography & video. I use book-making, photo-prints, video-installations and interactive pieces as means of expression.

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    James Hickey Studio

    James Hickey is a LA commercial photographer with an artistic approach to fashion, glamour and beauty. His images are colorful, vibrant and expressive.

  11. Steven Sebring

    Steven Sebring

    Steven Sebring is a photographer, filmmaker, and multimedia artist known for a distinctive style that merges raw realism with high-end fashion. His celebrity and rock and roll portraits have been featured in publications worldwide, including in Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, and Elle, and exhibited at both the Robert Miller Gallery and Milk Studios.

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    iYi Images: Brian Donnelly

    As a SF Bay area based professional freelance photographer and graphic designer, Brians specialties are corporate, commercial, fashion, beauty and fine art images.

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    Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders is a New York City-based commercial photographer. He's been in the business for over ten years and has been carrying a camera since the ripe age of twelve. Specializing in creating lifestyle photographs with a cinematic look, Chris directs his subjects to create the scene.

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    Robin Hill

    Robin Hill is a photographer and television host with a feeling for the fine and lively arts. Since 1987, he has shot more than 250 magazine covers. Hill's award-winning work has appeared in leading art, design and architecture publications.

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    Matthieu Belin

    Matthieu Belin is a french photographer with 10 years experiences in art direction.  His work focuses on fashion, documentary, portrait, architecture and art.

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    Mike Vorrasi

    Mike Vorrasi is a NYC based photographer specializing in portraits of musicians and artists.

  17. Kate Warren

    Kate Warren

    Kate Warren is an editorial portrait and documentary photographer based in Washington, DC with an interest in style, culture, and lifestyle.