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  1. Cyclepedia - 90 Years of Modern Bicycle Design

    Cyclepedia: 90 Years of Modern Bicycle Design

    Cyclepedia is a photographic homage to the beauty of two wheels as well as a celebration of the fastest, lightest, and most innovative bicycles designed over the past century. This book features highlights from the unique collection of architect and designer Michael Embacher's more than 250 bicycles. This compact edition of Cyclepedia offers an expanded selection, including fifteen new bicycles from Embacher's collection, among them designs from Alex Singer, Alan, Textima, and Puch.

  2. Creative Bicycle Design and Framebuilding

    Creative Bicycle Design and Framebuilding

    Creative Bicycle Design and Framebuilding is for the experienced craftsman interested in making steel bicycle frames and forks in a small shop, or well-equipped home studio. It covers aspects of the design process, including creativity, and bicycle geometry. Tools and equipment are discussed, and the process of building bicycle frames is illustrated.

  3. The Current - New Wheels for the Post-Petrol Age

    The Current: New Wheels for the Post-Petrol Age

    Instant acceleration, no noise, no grease, and no pollution. The Current features the most radical vehicles and pioneers of the electric revolution. It explores this shift towards eco-friendly riding by profiling the pioneers in the field.

  4. Land Rover Design - 70 Years of Success

    Land Rover Design: 70 Years of Success

    The Land Rover was born from a desperate need by the Rover Company to develop a stop-gap model to provide cash-flow in the post-war years. The original aim of a simple 4x4 agricultural tool soon developed into a multi-purpose vehicle that became the mainstay of the British Army and produced numerous offshoots for the emergency services, police, forestry and aid agencies worldwide. This book details the personalities involved in the various projects since the late 1940s up to today: the designers, modelers and studio engineers. It charts the development of Land Rover and Range Rover projects in the UK, particularly those designed in the Gaydon studio that opened in 1996, and is still a key part of JLR's design resource. From the early days of chalk drawings and wooden models to today's digital renderings and milled clays for the latest Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover's designers and technicians have never been short of creativity. This book tells their story, in their own words, and is a fitting tribute to the spirit and ethos of Land Rover design and engineering.

  5. Golf Car Classics - 1949-1969

    Golf Car Classics: 1949-1969

    Golf Car Classics is richly illustrated with more than 500 photographs and ads from the period 1949 through 1969. It includes over 200 different golf car designs, 142 different manufacturers and 85 golf cars that can be found in the Legends Golf Car Museum. It provides a glimpse into the innovative designs that saw not only a rapidly developing market niche for entrepeneurs but also a means to grow the game and give access to the game of golf to all, irrespective of physical ability.

  6. Japanese Steel - Classic Bicycle Design from Japan

    Japanese Steel: Classic Bicycle Design from Japan

    William Bevington takes readers into the forefront of both competitive and leisure cycling in his book 'Japanese Steel: Classic Bicycle Design from Japan.' This is the first book of its kind, chronicling the golden age of Japanese bicycle design. With photographs of extremely rare and collectible bicycles, as well as ephemera and manufacturer's manuals, Bevington produces something unique and innovative in a field that has been oversaturated by the French and Italian bicycle market.

  7. Vehicle Design - Aesthetic Principles in Transportation Design

    Vehicle Design: Aesthetic Principles in Transportation Design

    This book guides readers through the methods and processes designers use to create and develop some of the most stunning vehicles on the road. Written by Jordan Meadows, a designer who worked on the 2015 Ford Mustang, the book contains interviews with design directors at firms including Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Hyundai Motor Group, and Ford Motor Company, amongst other professionals. Case studies from Ford, Mazda, and Jeep illustrate the production process from research to execution with more than 245 color behind-the-scenes images in order to help readers create vehicles drivers will cherish.

  8. The Wooden Bicycle - Around the World

    The Wooden Bicycle: Around the World

    Up until about a century ago, wood had always been the only available material for the construction of the first bicycles, and it was as recently as the 1950s that wood was the only material used for bike wheels in all competitive cycling realms. These days, in opposition to the great industrialization of steel manufacturing, wood and bamboo are increasingly being used to create a niche space in design within the industries of transportation, sport, art, culture and indeed modern lives in general. With the significant advances in technological research and application, wood and bamboo are increasingly being promoted as materials suitable for the construction of bicycle frames and individual bicycle components. Showcasing more than 250 designers from around the world, including craftspeople (many of them renowned bicycle makers), manufacturers and associated organizations, this book dedicates hundreds of pages to beautiful bike designs, illuminating the latest modern trends in specialist bicycle craftsmanship.

  9. Jaguar Mark 1 and 2

    Jaguar Mark 1 & 2

    The compact Jaguar saloons of the 1950s and 1960s were some of the most popular performance cars of their day and now are considered one of the most collectable of classics. In this fascinating, extensively illustrated book, Nigel Thorley describes the year by year history and development of the Jaguar Mark 1 and Mark 2 models.

  10. Ford Design in the UK

    Ford Design in the UK

    Exploring Ford UK's design studios during the past 70 years, Ford Design in the UK - 70 Years of Success provides a unique insight into the company's history, its UK studio locations, and delves into the lives of the designers, modellers and studio engineers.

  11. Porsche 911 - The Ultimate Sportscar as Cultural Icon

    Porsche 911: The Ultimate Sportscar as Cultural Icon

    Porsche 911: The Ultimate Sportscar as Cultural Icon explains how this German car became a global phenomenon and a symbol of aspiration, freedom, and the appetite for perfection, and even more, why, around the world, the 911 continues to fascinate gentlemen, ladies, and rogue drivers.

  12. Stile Ducati - A Visual History of Ducati Design

    Stile Ducati: A Visual History of Ducati Design

    Stile Ducati, released to celebrate the Bologna company's 90th anniversary, is the official book to discover Ducati's glorious history: unparalleled tradition made of innovation, Italian style and sport victories that started in 1926.

  13. BMW - 100 Masterpieces

    BMW: 100 Masterpieces

    Through text and images, BMW-100 Masterpieces details the company's history, exploring the components of the BMW brand identity, selecting one hundred significant achievements, be they innovations in vehicles or the engineering process or world-renowned series and models like the famous BMW 328, the BMW Z series, or the motorcycle BMW K1. Special sections are devoted to the company's racing program; its world records; and movie appearances, including the James Bond franchise. The book also discusses the company's employment reforms and groundbreaking environmental decisions. Throughout the book, nearly three hundred vintage and new photographs show the evolution of this distinguished brand and the engines, motorcycles, and automobiles it produces.

  14. Bicycle Design - An Illustrated History

    Bicycle Design: An Illustrated History

    The bicycle ranks as one of the most enduring, most widely used vehicles in the world, with more than a billion produced during almost two hundred years of cycling history. This book offers an authoritative and comprehensive account of the bicycle's technical and historical evolution, from the earliest velocipedes (invented to fill the need for horseless transport during a shortage of oats) to modern racing bikes, mountain bikes, and recumbents. It traces the bicycle's development in terms of materials, ergonomics, and vehicle physics, as carried out by inventors, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers.

  15. Cars - Freedom, Style, Sex, Power, Motion, Colour, Everything

    Cars: Freedom, Style, Sex, Power, Motion, Colour, Everything

    The story of the car is the story of how the objects of industry became a medium of artistic expression. This book tells that story in a series of case studies which reveal national characteristics: American flair, German technical suprematism, French vernacular chic, gorgeous Italian sculpture, English antiquarianism, Japanese ingenuity, Swedish responsibility.

  16. Cyclepedia - 100 Postcards of Iconic Bicycles

    Cyclepedia: 100 Postcards of Iconic Bicycles

    This special-edition postcard box presents 100 of the most significant, exciting, and curious examples from the history of cycling. On each postcard, specially commissioned photography of each bicycle is complemented by essential information about the model, with key facts and technical specifications.

  17. Audi Design - Between Evolution and Revolution

    Audi Design: Between Evolution and Revolution

    Over two volumes, Prof. Othmar Wickenheiser, who specializes in the development of car design, explains and analyses the Audi aesthetic in all its aspects. When describing the work of automobile designers, he has the uncanny knack of explaining complex matters using crystal-clear examples, also drawing attention to details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

  18. Bellissima! - The Italian Automotive Renaissance, 1945 to 1975

    Bellissima!: The Italian Automotive Renaissance, 1945 to 1975

    Bellissima! presents some of the most breathtaking Italian-designed automobiles and motorcycles of the post-World War II era, a series of visionary designs that thrilled the world and signaled a period of remarkable industrial rebirth. All-new photographs featuring pioneering masterpieces by Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, and others trace a remarkable lineage of design that captivated buyers and greatly influenced mid-century industrial design, architecture, aeronautics, furniture, and fashion.

  19. Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Art and History

    Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Art & History

    Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Art & History is not just another publication, but tells the history of these two iconic Italian car manufactures, from one of their first creations in 1911 until today. This book not only features texts and boxes of technical specifications, but images celebrating the unique design of the vehicles, which are a reflection of their engineers' visions and eras.

  20. Muscle Car Source Book

    Muscle Car Source Book

    From 1963 to 1974, muscle cars were the kings of the road - no other American automobiles have ever inspired as much passion as these classic performance cars. Muscle Car Source Book is a one-stop resource for muscle car fans. Heavily illustrated with vivid color photography of all the muscle cars from the classic era (1963-1974) and chock full of data and historical facts, this is a reference book you will not want to put down.

  21. Bugatti 57 - The Last French Bugatti

    Bugatti 57: The Last French Bugatti

    The magnificent Type 57 was the final flowering of the genius of Ettore Bugatti and Jean Bugatti, and was the last truly new model from the Bugatti factory in Molsheim, France. Conceived as a fast, luxurious and exclusive touring car, the T57 was in production from 1934 to 1939, and was so successful that the model accounts for around 10 per cent of all Bugattis built at Molsheim.

  22. The Ride 2nd Gear - New Custom Motorcycles and Their Builders

    The Ride 2nd Gear: New Custom Motorcycles and Their Builders

    The Ride 2nd Gear presents a stunning selection of recent custom motorcycles, as well as the small, local workshops in which they are built. Hotbeds of creativity and craftsmanship, these workshops are mostly run by single individuals and attract a small yet devoted community of fans and fellow builders. Rather than coveting the newest luxury models to come off the assembly line, this community is more concerned with transformations. They want to turn grandpa's old heap, a bargain found on eBay, or a soulless model from another era into something of their very own. The Ride 2nd Gear features the brilliant results of this process.

  23. Car - The Evolution of the Automobile

    Car: The Evolution of the Automobile

    From the earliest "horseless carriages" to the wizardry of today's Formula 1 racers, this colorful volume documents the fascinating evolution of the automobile. Filled with illustrations, photos, and images of historical documents, it explores the car's massive impact on popular culture, the great inventors and models, today's cutting-edge technology, and what the future might bring.

  24. BMW Motorrad - Fascination, Innovation, Myth

    BMW Motorrad: Fascination, Innovation, Myth

    Nine decades of BMW Motorrad history are brought to life in over 500 photographs. Fully updated with the latest BMW motorcycles, this interactive book comes with an accompanying app with exciting features such as videos and additional photo galleries.

  25. Race Car Design

    Race Car Design

    An innovative text covering the fundamentals of design including the chassis frame, suspension, steering, brakes, transmission and fuel systems using the basic principles of engineering science and mathematics.

  26. Maserati - The Evolution of Style

    Maserati: The Evolution of Style

    Published to coincide with Maserati's one-hundredth anniversary, this lavishly produced volume celebrates the glamour and excellence of Italian automotive style and design. The book profiles the twelve most iconic Maserati vehicles, including the best-selling Ghibli as well as the Quattroporte, GranTurismo, Bora, Berlinetta, and never before published the Alfieri, which has been described as the manifesto of the future of Maserati design.

  27. Car Posters

    Car Posters

    Car Posters by Emmanuel Lopez showcases the history of the car from its creation up until the start of the 1970s. The posters have been chosen for their importance, rarity, beauty and innovation, as well as for what they represent in terms of significant historical, technical and artistic stages of the motor car. They showcase the work of the designers and illustrators who constantly strove to come up with new ideas and styles to match the technological progress of famous names such as Peugeot, Mercedes Daimler, Renault, Citröen, Bugatti, Buick, Fiat, Rolls Royce and Chrysler, as well as others that are less well-known nowadays.

  28. Fifty Bicycles That Changed The World

    Fifty Bicycles That Changed The World

    From high-performance cycles to practical run-arounds, conceptual bikes to commercial models, this book features the 50 most important, pivotal bicycles from around the world.

  29. Porsche 911

    Porsche 911

    Porsche 911 celebrates a half-century of one of the world's premiere sports cars, focusing on the major themes that have defined Porsche's rear-engined wonder.