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  • New Territory

    New Territory

    New Territory is an advanced transport architecture studio with an emphasis on research and development-driven design. Our mission is to develop ideas that truly improve the sector we are working in. Our expertise lies in transportation, but our approach and perspective resonate with clients both in the service and industrial design sectors.

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    Automobiles Venturi is a French manufacturer of sports cars. From the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s they built mid-engined coupes and roadsters with turbocharged PRV engines and Renault gearboxes. In 2001 the Monegasque millionaire Gildo Pallanca Pastor bought Venturi and decided to focus on electric powered engine, leading to the Fetish model.

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    Design Q

    Design Q is a premium design consultancy creating unique solutions for the luxury transport sector. Our designers are dedicated individuals with a proven capability in making a difference, with expertise spanning automotive, aerospace and marine.

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    Based in London, Quarterre is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded by Dr Daniele Ceccomori, Clive Hartley, Nick Mannion and Jason Povlotsky. Working for major OEMs and small, luxury manufacturers, Quarterre has over four decades of experience in the fields of transport, product and entertainment design.

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