Type Foundries

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  1. Emtype Foundry

    Emtype Foundry

    Emtype is an independent type foundry established in 2002 by Eduardo Manso in Barcelona. Its philosophy is to produce original typefaces of high quality, as much for display as for text use.

  2. Floodfonts


    Floodfonts is an independent type foundry based in Cologne, Germany, and was founded in the year 2000 by Felix Braden.

  3. blank


    FontShop is an independent retailer for desktop, web & mobile typefaces w/ 150,000+ fonts from expert-selected foundries.

  4. Fontsmith


    Fontsmith is a leading boutique type foundry with a complete font design and production service. Founded in 1997 by Jason Smith and known for creating fonts with a distinctively human character, Fontsmith is a truly international team of designers working from a studio in central London.

  5. LudwigType


    LudwigType is a digital type foundry by Ludwig Übele. The studio not only offers high-quality fonts but also new and exclusive type design, custom-made lettering, and customization of its retail fonts.

  6. Morisawa


    Morisawa is Japan's leading font foundry. Morisawa is passionate about fonts and type and is constantly forging ahead with the creation of innovative new typefaces.

  7. Type Network

    Type Network

    Type Network is a new model for type design, development, and licensing, built in response to the increasingly complex needs of type designers and type users.

  8. Linotype


    Linotype is the source for original typeface design and font software.

  9. Typeco


    TYPECO is the digital type foundry for the designs of James Grieshaber. Typeco puts a modern spin on familiar concepts to create bold and versatile font families.

  10. Exljbris


    Exljbris is Jos Buivenga's one-man type design foundry most known for typefaces like Museo and Calluna.

  11. blank


    Playtype is an online type foundry established by the Copenhagen-based design agency, e-Types.

  12. Resistenza


    Resistenza is a type foundry consisting of Giuseppe Salerno, a trained calligrapher who gained his graphic design skills in Torino, Italy, and Paco González, a self-taught Spanish-born designer from Valencia. Working mostly by hand, a bold, humanistic quality comes through in their graphic design, emphasizing a connection with the places and people that use a particular product or service. Oftentimes, Resistenza create collections of their typefaces to work in a set or family, building on a brand that can work throughout a piece.

  13. MAC Rhino Fonts

    MAC Rhino Fonts

    MAC Rhino Fonts is a Swedish type foundry based in Stockholm. It was founded by Stefan Hattenbach, a well-known Swedish type designer with over 30 years of experience with type design, graphic design and advertising.

  14. Hurme Design

    Hurme Design

    Hurme Design is an independent type foundry of Toni Hurme based in Helsinki, Finland. We create and license typefaces and fonts to clients globally.

  15. MyFonts


    MyFonts offers a large selection of fonts, all presented on an easy-to-use website.

  16. Fontwerk


    Fontwerk is a foundry of modern fonts and provider of innovative type services for discerning agencies, designers and brands.

  17. Character Type

    Character Type

    Character Type produces unique typefaces to serve as tools in typography and branding for small and international brands.

  18. blank


    Typopixo is a boutique typefoundry specialized in multi-color webfonts.

  19. Displaay


    Since 2016 Displaay is a small independent Type Foundry and Design Studio founded by Martin Vácha based in Prague, Czech Republic. Martin Vácha is a graphic designer who mainly focuses on graphics, typography, type design, art direction, editorial, book and magazine design, logo and visual identity creation.

  20. blank


    P22 type foundry creates computer typefaces inspired by Art & History and is renowned for its work with museums and foundations to ensure the development of accurate historical typefaces that are fully relevant for today's computer user. P22 is comprised of 4 distinct collections, each with a unique typographical focus. In addition, P22 offers custom font design and licensing solutions.

  21. blank

    1001 Free Fonts

    1001 Free Fonts offers a large selection of freeware and shareware true type fonts for Windows and Macintosh. Over 350,000,000 fonts have been downloaded since 1998.

  22. blank


    History fall back! At Font-O-Rama everyone will be informed about font history in a very entertaining way. Contentwise the website takes a step back in history beginning with rennaisance type continuing with transitional and ending with sans serif type. Knowledge about measuring and copyfitting type, spaces, grids and tips is offered as well.

  23. übertype


    Based in Germany and Japan, übertype produces fonts and typefaces with rigorous graphic precision. Founded by Gabriel Richter in 2017, übertype is supported by external type designers like Andreas Uebele.

  24. HandmadeFont


    HandmadeFont is an Estonia based design company founded in 2008 by Vladimir Loginov and Maksim Loginov. We specialize in developing unique, untraditional fonts.