Web Designers

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  1. Matthew Haeck

    Matthew Haeck

    Matthew Haeck specializes in a unique/minimal style that reaches design, print, web, brand, and marketing.

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    Andrew Couldwell

    Freelance web & digital designer, developer, creative technologist and curator based in the UK, working with clients and design agencies worldwide.

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    Miguel Albadan

    As a Digital Art Director Miguel Albadan strives for simplicity. Interested in the dynamics binding design, science and philosophy, his work in the studio ranges from branding projects to advertising concepts and retail strategies as well as web designing and data visualizations.

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    Patrick Dube

    Twinfactory is the portfolio of Patrick Dube, an Interactive Art Director based in Montreal.

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    Ash Blue

    Ash Blue creates specialized website solutions through expert services in content management systems, Wordpress, and custom graphics.

  6. Lolli


    Lolli is a leading web design & digital marketing agency based in Hong Kong, offering online marketing, printing, graphic design, identity and branding services.

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    Antonio Frade

    Ars Longa is my professional portfolio, where I publish my latest works and experiment with my weirdest ideas.

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    Joshua Sortino

    Josh has a serious passion for progressive, usable, responsive design. His site is a demonstration of the flexibility, accessibility, and possibilities of HTML5 and CSS3.

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    Marco Gouveia

    Marco Gouveia is an independent professional based in England and dedicated to web design, and iOS apps development.

  10. Neptik


    Neptik is a full service web agency in Brighton that skilfully creates digital strategies, user experiences and online platforms for the hospitality, lifestyle & business-2-business industries.

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    Jon Burke

    Jon Burke provides web design for small businesses in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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    Jason Hopkins

    Jason Hopkins is a multi-disciplinary creative consultant. Specialised in website user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) architecture.

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    Synthview: Jan Tonellato

    Visual Designer specializing in: web, interaction, print, logo and corporate image design. Ergonomic, HCI (human computer interaction) and cognitive psychology expert with focus on human perception, attention, memory and information processing.

  14. Mat Mayes

    Mat Mayes

    Mat Mayes is a freelance graphic and web designer based in London. With a rare combination of creative design experience and technical expertise, Mat has been helping small, medium and multinational companies to grow and thrive through effective design and collaboration for over 10 years.

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    Dinzign is a boutique creative marketing agency, based in San Francisco. We are a small team of passionate designers, developers and storytellers who believe in the power of visual communication.

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    Lucian Slatineanu

    Lucian Slatineanu is a freelance interactive and graphic designer with over 10 years experience. Based in Chicago, Lucian delivers award winning solutions for a variety of challenges, from interactive web based applications to corporate branding.

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    Desired Reaction

    Desired Reaction is a Los Angeles web design & digital branding agency specializing in working with creative companies that require a strong visual voice.

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    Richard Simms

    Richard Simms is a creative interface designer for screens ranging in sizes from iPhones to 103" touch screens; which tell more beautiful stories with an immersive interactions and animations.

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    Viking Karwur

    Viking Karwur is a new media designer based in Jakarta, Indonesia; specializing in websites & multimedia that are simple, elegant and user-friendly.

  20. Simon McCade

    Simon McCade

    Simon McCade is a passionate creative, committed to his craft. From Brand Identity to digital design, my work is based on smart strategic thinking and creative problem solving.

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    Emmanuel Cloix

    Emmanuel Cloix is a french graphic designer and web designer. He worked for brands and institutes like Sony, Alliance Française or UNICEF.

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    Amit Khera

    Amit Khera is a web, animation, flash and multimedia designer, based at New Delhi, India.