Idee und Klang

Idee und Klang

Idee und Klang Audio Design is a company based in Basel, Switzerland. We are one of the 150 Auro-3D certified studios in the world. Our light-flooded atelier is the center of creativity and also serves as our research workshop. We specialize in spatial audio and immersive auditive environments. This means that we create compositions and sound design (and everything in between) for exhibitions, brand facilities, expos and art installations. We believe that a thoughtful integration of any sound into its designated space is the key aspect to great sounding environments. By incorporating the acoustic properties and with the aid of custom-made multichannel mixes and handpicked equipment we turn our compositions into impressive walk-in sound sculptures.


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Phone +41 (0)613315735

Dornacher Strasse 192
4053 Basel