Designers in Denmark

  1. Øivind Slaatto

    Øivind Slaatto

    Danish designer Øivind Slaatto is recognized for his simple and poetic solutions. Looking to nature as his most important source of inspiration, Slaatto seeks to transfer characteristics such as rationality, logic, and harmony to his designs.

    Category Furniture Designers

  2. Tanita Klein

    Tanita Klein

    Tanita Klein is an interior and product designer from Germany, currently based in Copenhagen. Tanita's work aims to rethink existing contexts while creating solutions inspired by current socio- and environmental shifts happening in the world.

    Category Industrial Designers

  3. blank

    Bo Virkelyst Jensen

    Specialized in vector-illustration with a touch of Scandinavian simplicity - which also shines through when creating crisp identities and icons for a wide range of clients.

    Category Illustrators

  4. blank

    Christina Lauer

    Christina Lauer is a graphic design freelancer, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her focus lies on branding and web design with a strong believe in UX and strategically constructed simplicity.

    Category Graphic Designers