Services in Germany

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    Unexpected is a German based post-production company specialized in visual effects and 3D animation. Founded in 1999, unexpected developed into a post-production that is famous for its action packed and visual effects heavy commercials.

    Category Broadcast Design Services

  2. Transsolar


    Transsolar is a climate engineering firm whose scope is to ensure the highest possible comfort in the built environment with the lowest possible impact on the environment. This is accomplished by developing and validating climate and energy concepts through the recognition that environmental conditions are influenced by all aspects and stages of design.

    Category Architecture Services

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    Anima Res

    Anima Res is a professional 3D-animation studio. Our production services include: medical-animations, character design & animation, modeling, texturing, level design, and animation.

    Category 3D Design Services

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    Mimic Productions

    Mimic Productions is a Berlin based studio specializing in digital faces, digital doubles, motion capture, scanning and other 3D services. Mimic's innovative and creative team of artists are here to bring your most ambitious and adventurous projects to a digital reality.

    Category Animation Services

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    Picture Front

    Picture Front offers film services, namely CG animation and visual concepts, since 1999 in Hamburg and Munich. We help to replace the traditional ways of filmmaking with the new creative freedom in digital media productions.

    Category Animation Services

  6. notallbad


    notallbad is a remote team of IT consultants, designers & researchers with the mission to offer high-quality design as a service and help companies of any size shape valuable, feasible, and delightful experiences for their customers.

    Category Digital Design Services

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    Yarn is a Berlin based agency providing web video, video banners, how-to, video advertising for tablets, smartphones and websites.

    Category Animation Services