Design Firms in Israel

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    FIT R&D

    FIT is a turnkey product development agency that place the user at the center. It does not matter if its a cellphone, a medical device or a machine - today's market is all about user experience. We believe that placing the user and his true needs at the center, creating smart and focused experiences backed with beautiful aesthetics and the highest level of engineering, can deliver market-changing products.

    Category Industrial Design Consultancies

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    Animi Causa

    Animi Causa (From the Heart), one of Israel's well known young and innovative manufacturers of high quality and modern multi-use furniture, is a reputable designer, developer and producer of high quality products. By combining advanced state of the art modern technologies with individual artistic finesse Animi Causa is heralding a unique Israeli style.

    Category Furniture Design Companies

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    Librus Design

    Librus Industrial Design & Product Development provides inspirational and pragmatic design and engineering solutions in plastics, double-component materials and textiles. Librus holistic approach ensures that from concept through design, engineering, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and, most important "use" the product works. Librus designs are known for their simplicity, cleverness, precision and quality.

    Category Industrial Design Companies