Design Organizations in the Netherlands

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    Design and Emotion Society

    The Design & Emotion society is established in 1999 as an international network of researchers, designers and companies sharing an interest in experience driven design. The network is used to exchange insights, research, tools and methods that support the involvement of emotional experience in product design. The daily board is based in The Netherlands.

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    Premsela, Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion, has worked to improve the cultural climate for design in the Netherlands since 2002. We do this through lectures, discussions, exhibitions, research and publications in the Netherlands and abroad.

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  3. Association of Dutch Designers

    Association of Dutch Designers

    Association of Dutch Designers, known by its Dutch abbreviation BNO. The BNO represents designers and design agencies in the Netherlands. The association promotes their business, social and cultural interests, and brings together over 2,500 individual designers, as well as 200 design agencies and design departments within companies.

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