San Francisco Ballet Launches New Brand Identity by MetaDesign

San Francisco Ballet Launches New Brand Identity by MetaDesign

San Francisco Ballet New Brand Identity by MetaDesign

World-renowned dance company San Francisco Ballet (SF Ballet), in partnership with award-winning MetaDesign, today announced the re-branding of its organization to celebrate its 75th anniversary. The change reinforces the international reputation of the ballet company, under the artistic direction of Helgi Tomasson. The new identity marks a substantial milestone in SF Ballet's history, while positioning the organization for the future.

MetaDesign, one of the world's most influential strategic design firms, co-developed the brand positioning and designed the identity system for SF Ballet. The new brand identity is a dynamic expression of SF Ballet's unique agenda of promoting new works by today's acclaimed choreographers and introducing new interpretations of classic productions.

The new logo redefines the definition of "ballet" by highlighting the dance company's sophisticated, diverse international repertory and establishing "ballet" as an exciting and vital cultural destination. The logo combines elements from "Didot," a nineteenth century typeface and "Galaxie Polaris," a typeface that was created in 2005. The result fuses the spirit of modern choreography with the tradition of classical ballet.

"The new SF Ballet logo takes the concept of ballet as a traditional art form and brings it to a new, contemporary place that represents the company today," says SF Ballet Artistic Director Helgi Tomasson. "The new logo also takes the word 'ballet' and gives it a renewed vitality."

The elements of the new logo are choreographed as if on a stage: A vibrant snapshot of an energized performance. The letters are orchestrated to suggest the dynamic nature of the ballet art form, while highlighting the dramatic production lighting and shadows created on-stage through the use of a sophisticated gray color palette.

"By dynamically expressing the core values of San Francisco Ballet through the new brand identity, the organization is favorably positioned in a competitive entertainment landscape", says MetaDesign Creative Director Brett Wickens. "We are signaling to the world that SF Ballet is unique and a leader amongst its peers. We are honored to have been able to bring Helgi's vision to life through a contemporary brand identity that will connect SF Ballet to new audiences while reinvigorating the participation of traditional patrons."

MetaDesign is one of the world's most influential design firms. Founded in 1979, MetaDesign combines research, analysis, technology, and design to visualize new scenarios for connecting with basic human behaviors and needs, then responding to those needs by developing and delivering new brand, service, and product offerings. MetaDesign works alongside a broad spectrum of leaders within cultural institutions and corporations including: San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Denver Art Museum, The Ocean Conservancy, Adobe Systems, AutoDesk, Samsung and Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts. Key members of MetaDesign's leadership team are renowned for their iconic work within the popular culture arena, from award-winning album cover designs for Peter Gabriel and New Order and standardized icon systems for the original Apple Macintosh, to Cingular's audio identity and the invention of Coke Blak. MetaDesign is based in San Francisco.



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