Melissa Borrell to be a Featured Designer at Accent on Design

Melissa Borrell to be a Featured Designer at Accent on Design

Melissa Borrell to be a Featured Designer at Accent on Design 01

Designer Melissa Borrell was chosen to be one of the select new exhibitors showcasing products that express "innovation originality, function and design" at the Accent on Design division of the New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF) to be held on August 11th-16th at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

Borrell's designs were chosen for Accent on Design, a high end division of the NYIGF that "presents a dynamic juried collection of contemporary and innovative product lines" that are "cutting edge" and "fresh." The jurors chose the up and coming designer to participate in the fair with companies from around the world who represent the newest trends and leading edge products available in the gift and home market. According to the NYIGF, "only the most innovative and exciting companies---from the established to the up-and-coming---are accepted into this discriminating show." Consumers come to the show to find the "hottest" merchandise on the market.

Borrell's unique design concepts highlight the "interaction between an individual and a product." She is recognized as an innovator in jewelry and home accessory design.

Borrell's work encompasses jewelry, home accessories, textile design, lighting and wall coverings.

Melissa Borrell to be a Featured Designer at Accent on Design 02

During the gift fair, the designer is introducing her new creations, including new shapes and colors in her Pop-Out Jewelry line. The original and popular "Tree Lace Pop-Out Pendant" was picked up by MoMA design stores in March 2007. The designer also created "Tree Lace Pop-Out Earrings" and is now introducing two new shapes of "Pop-Out" designs. The stainless steel pendant and earrings now come in patterns of overlapping circles and rectangles that create a modern "lace." All of the shapes of Pop-Out Pendants and Pop-Out Earrings are now available in silver, black, red, turquoise and 18K gold plated. These are currently being sold in several boutiques around the world. The new "Pop-Out Ornament" is also premiering at Accent on Design. Borrell's designs have recently been worn by musical celebrity, Erykah Badu during a performance at the House of Blues in Dallas as well as other live shows.

Melissa Borrell creates designs that are contemporary, but timeless. The designer's "Bubble Jewelry" will be another feature at the show. This kinetic interactive jewelry allows the wearer to change its shape and functionality. The signature piece in this line, the "Bubble Pin/Pendant," can be worn both as a brooch or a pendant.

Melissa Borrell Design is expanding into the world of interior accessories with the introduction of two new products for the home. The "Shadow Bulb" is a new light concept. It is a 5" light bulb etched with patterns that create beautiful shadows on the wall. With this product, the light bulb becomes not only functional, but decorative as well. Some patterns include criss cross, triangle, spiral and circle. The bulb is sold individually, as a pendant lamp, or with the unique "Shadow Light Base" that the designer created specifically for this new light concept.

"Fantasy Shades" by Borrell, which were a hit at the ICFF in May, are also showcasing at the NYIGF. These unique window shades create three distinct illusions: a beautiful view of Rome, Downtown Manhattan or the Golden Gate Bridge. The Fantasy shades encourage you to imagine an alternate reality outside of your window. This product is also available as a custom design that can be imprinted with an image that fits the needs of the client.

Though diverse in their function and appearance, all of Borrell's designs display a sense of playfulness and the designer's own unique style.

Melissa Borrell

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