Pentagram Berlin Designed New Tableware Brand for Villeroy and Boch

Pentagram Berlin Designed New Tableware Brand for Villeroy & Boch

Pentagram Partner Justus Oehler and his design team in Berlin have created the name and identity for a new tableware brand by Villeroy & Boch called vivo. The German high-quality ceramics manufacturer and supplier of lifestyle products for the home is one of the oldest industrial enterprises of international stature and a market leader in Europe. The new product was launched at the international consumer goods trade fair Ambiente this February in Frankfurt.

Vivo Bread

Villeroy & Boch decided last year to introduce a new product brand in the company's division of tableware that is particularly geared towards young consumers. This new brand vivo stands for a modern and appealing design, multi-functionality and high quality at lower prices than the traditional company's tableware series, which meets the demands of the younger target audience.

Justus Oehler has thus created a design with a lo-fi yet striking simplicity. It looks spontaneous, joyous and straightforward according to the characteristics of the new brand. The identity focuses on the hand-written vivo logo, consistently carried out in black and white and always combined with the company's name Villeroy & Boch. "Villeroy & Boch wanted to bring out a new, separate brand that evidently differs from the main brand without weakening or questioning it", says Justus Oehler, "So we suggested the name vivo as it fits very well to Villeroy & Boch especially sound-wise and it expresses exactly what it stands for: 'vivo' = i live and alive in Italian... and what would go better with such a name than a hand-written logo!?"

The new branding is currently transferred on diverse applications, such as on all bottom-stamps of the ceramics, glass and cutlery products as well as on many accessories like e.g. shopping bags, price tags and the whole packaging.


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