Eddie Opara and Pentagram Rebrand Calendly

Eddie Opara & Pentagram Rebrand Calendly

Calendly, the leading cloud-based scheduling platform, has unveiled a new brand vision and visual identity in collaboration with Pentagram. Calendly was created to reduce the hassle of scheduling meetings eight years ago, yet the brand identity has remained largely untouched. Trusting in Pentagram partner Eddie Opara, Calendly set out to develop a visual identity that encompasses its founding ideals while modernizing the design to reflect its current and future capabilities and ambition.

The design system includes a new brand mark, typography, iconography, photography and visual systems that will be reflected across all online and offline properties. Calendly's new logo is a hollow C, ready to be filled by one of many colorful brand shapes. It's fluid, frequently animated, and never the same twice - just like your day. The wordmark is an evolution of its original design. The letterforms are bold, space is tightened, and the C is capitalized to reflect the confidence and maturity of Calendly's scheduling platform.

"It was a great pleasure to work with Tope and the Calendly team. Our teams had great respect for each other, and within our dialogues and exchanges, we replicated what Calendly is -- collaboration that is distinct and effortless, and that harmoniously aids different persons, groups, organizations and communities in easily finding the space to converge," commented Eddie Opara, Partner at Pentagram. "This is all strongly represented in the brand identity framework through a combination of modernist typography with geometric touches and a comprehensive visual system of fluxional shapes and colors that embrace the fluidity of Calendly through intersection and interplay."