Shakerscope - Pioneering Medical Device Powered by Shaking

Shakerscope: Pioneering Medical Device Powered by Shaking

An innovative new medical device has just been brought to market that is set to transform the efficiency of medical handling in outdoor emergency situations.

The "Shakerscope" is a compact kinetically powered light source that is powered simply by shaking the device up and down. Shaking the torch for 30 seconds provides enough energy to power its light for 10 minutes.

The revolutionary device is the first medical instrument to use kinetic energy to generate electricity, and offers a far more reliable alternative to battery operated instruments that can potentially run out, leak, or corrode their contacts.

Designed and produced in-house at leading Cardiff design and development centre PDR, Shakerscope has been deemed to have significant universal application and massive commercial potential. Initially developed for use in ophthalmoscopes for eye examinations in developing countries, PDR has just completed work on additional interchangeable attachments to extend its usability potential. Shakerscope can now be used in any medical situation where a bright light source is required for a limited time to inspect body cavities such as ear throat and eye examinations.

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For over 13 years PDR has helped to design and develop hundreds of new innovations, many of which receiving recognition from some of the world's most prestigious international design awards, including IDEA (International Design of Excellence Award), Red Dot and iF Design Awards.

The "ProAxis Plus" - a bariatric hospital bed is the latest product to win an award. PDR, who engineered and manufactured the ProAxis Plus for Nightingale Beds, received an International Design of Excellence Award (IDEA) for their superior work, and helped to increase Nightingale's sales figures by almost 300%.

Combining the latest technologies and facilities with experienced award-winning designers, engineers and technicians PDR offers a complete product design and development service - from conceptual investigation and feasibility analysis, through to design, prototyping, low volume raid manufacture and product launch. Both the breadth and depth of experience and capability at PDR is impossible to find in a single location elsewhere in Europe.


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