Lloyd Northover Wins Strategic Branding Project with Ravensbourne College of Design

Lloyd Northover Wins Strategic Branding Project with Ravensbourne College of Design

Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication has awarded the first phase of a strategic branding and identity programme to Lloyd Northover, the brand strategy and experience design consultancy, to prepare for its relocation to a new £50 million campus at Greenwich Peninsula.

Lloyd Northover has been appointed to conduct a brand audit and perception study amongst Ravensbourne stakeholders including students, alumni, current and past governors, as well as business partners.

The results will be used to evaluate the brand positioning of Ravensbourne, measure the effectiveness of its messaging communication compared to other colleges, as well as identify perceived strengths and weaknesses. The findings - to be delivered in July - will form the basis of a brand strategy, to be developed and implemented during later stages of the project.

Jim Bodoh, Director of Strategy at Lord Northover said, "The way Ravensbourne is approaching this branding programme is far more thorough than any other college of its size that we have ever worked with. They are doing it very strategically and in a way that serves as a role model to others."

Ravensbourne is a leading Higher Education College specialising in design and communication. Its new campus - an awe-inspiring building designed by Foreign Office Architects - will feature a layout and work spaces that deliberately simulate the environment and working practices experienced in industry. This reflects Ravensbourne's commitment to treating its students as practitioners at the beginning of their careers. The new building will also incorporate a central enterprise hub offering students, staff, graduates, alumni and businesses access to the College's leading edge facilities and creative talent pool.

It is a hugely significant relocation and change management programme for a Higher Education college to undertake.

Jill Hogan, Ravensbourne's Head of Marketing and Communications said, "Lloyd Northover have really impressed us with their understanding of what we are trying to achieve at Ravensbourne and the challenges our sector is facing."

"We are creating an amazing new building with state-of-the art facilities and are undergoing an exciting transformation to create an educational model that minimises the gap between an educational and a professional experience. We want to offer our students the very best learning environment so that they stand head and shoulders above their peers when entering professional practice. With the help of Lloyd Northover, we will be able to strengthen our competitive advantage and get our messages across loud and clear," she adds.

The new building is due to be completed in April 2010 and will be open to students in autumn 2010.

Lloyd Northover is the market leader in Higher Education branding, working with more than 25 universities including University of Manchester, University of Bedfordshire and Coventry University.

According to Bodoh, "Over the past 10 years the Higher Education sector has gone through a massive transformation and competition for students has become very intense. Ravensbourne has been quick to recognise how branding can influence the way it is perceived by the outside world and like other specialist colleges it is in a fantastic position to compete as it has a clear differentiator from general institutions."

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