Hero Baby Changes Its Packaging Design in Turkish Market with Orhan Irmak Design

Hero Baby Changes Its Packaging Design in Turkish Market with Orhan Irmak Design

One of the leading infant nutrition brands Hero Baby decided to work with Orhan Irmak Design, for the redesign project of its Ulker Hero Baby brand products sold in Turkish market. The first step of the ongoing project - redesign of the cereal packages - is completed and new designs are launched.

Ulker Hero Baby cereals' packaging design was the first step of the ongoing cooperation between Ulker Hero Baby and Orhan Irmak Design team. With the addition of different varieties and sub-categories after the launch, the "product family" identity among the product line was weakened. Therefore, one of the main goals of the project was establishing a common language on the packages.

Grouping under Main meals, Breakfast Time and Good Night in reference to the different meal times was the starting point for the new packaging concept. The packaging design project aimed at positioning the Hero Baby brand as modern and expert infant nutrition brand while providing a warm and intimate communication with moms through the visuals. As a total packaging project, not only the front sides of the packages, but also all of the visual material on the packages were designed according to the new concept.

Orhan Irmak Design is the winner of red dot: best of the best design award 2007 in packaging design. Besides Hero Baby, Orhan Irmak Design is providing creative packaging design service to many national and international brands.

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