Orhan Irmak Design Rebrands Arko Men Series

Orhan Irmak Design Rebrands Arko Men Series

One of the leading men's shaving line in Turkish market "Arko Men" gained a fresh new look through their packages by Orhan Irmak Design. A young and dynamic brand architecture was achieved through out the graphics of the whole range at the end of the three months long project.

"We started the rebrand project after a comprehensive consumer research" said Orhan Irmak, creative director of Orhan Irmak Design. "And our aim was creating a modern look to Arko Men brand that would catch the young consumers". Blue and black is the dominant colors trough the whole series, where glowing and lively colors are used to differentiate variants.

Since 1957, Arko is one of the essential brands for men in Turkish market. The new look of the Arko Men brand also reflects the strong position of Evyap Company - one of the leading soap and personal care products manufacturers of the world.

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