Troika Design Group Rebrands Oxygen Network

Troika Design Group Rebrands Oxygen Network

Troika Design Group, a strategic network branding and design agency, has given The Oxygen Network a new look, including a revamped logo and a comprehensive on-air identity package. Oxygen unveiled this rebrand, along with a new tagline "Live Out Loud" and programming schedule, on June 17, coinciding with the premiere of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.

"We brought in Troika because we wanted to build the new brand of Oxygen," said Jane Olson, SVP of Marketing & Brand Strategy for Oxygen. "We needed a package that could not only house our hit shows, but create a consistent promise and place for our audience. Troika really understands how important that is and brought great strategic thinking to all the elements. Troika has been a terrific partner."

Oxygen's core audience-which the network calls "Generation O" - are women aged 18-34 who are trenders, spenders and recommenders. They are take-charge women with a zeal for life, qualities Troika Design Group encapsulates in the new logo featuring a big bright, slightly slanted yellow "O" circling the word "Oxygen," which rolled out across all platforms starting on June 17.

Troika also produced a robust broadcast package comprising Oxygen brand elements and promo packaging for each of the network's original series, including Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Snapped and others, all distinguishable by a colorful, upbeat palette and the "O" logo used as a design treatment. In addition, Troika created a playful toolkit of graphic elements that connect to specific shows. The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency package for example, features iconography such as chili peppers and ice cubes to represent the show host's fiery attitude and fun loving nature.

Oxygen Network Rebrand

"Our goal was to give the Oxygen brand a new identity that was vibrant and high-energy and that was better suited to the smart and sassy women who tune in to its programs," said Reid Thompson, Creative Director, Troika Design Group. "Being involved in transitioning the network was a whole lot of fun."


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