Sundance Cinemas Launches New Brand Strategy and Identity

Sundance Cinemas Launches New Brand Strategy & Identity

Sundance Cinemas has launched a new brand strategy and identity designed in partnership with Troika. The rebrand includes a newly redesigned website, logo, posters, on-screen animation, and environmental design including new concession screens and menus.

"We are excited to see the new Sundance Cinemas brand come to life!" stated Reid Thompson, Creative Director at Troika. "We elevated the look and feel across all audiences' touchpoints to position the brand as a uniquely thoughtful and appealing destination for modern movie-goers."

The rebrand utilizes an earthy color scheme. It details patterns inspired by nature, drawn from trees, water, light, movement, and rock found in locations that range from the Sundance Cinemas theatres themselves, to theatre city surroundings, the Sundance Resort, and the great American west.