Planet Updates ID System for 78-Year-Old Globe Company

Planet Updates ID System for 78-Year-Old Globe Company

Rolling out a new look for a 78-year-old globe manufacturer, Planet Propaganda completes an identity system facelift for Replogle Globes, Inc. The updated logo and materials build upon the earlier brand personality and messaging that Planet developed to help Replogle's high-quality, American-made globes gain ground with high-end specialty markets.

"The new identity system evokes a sense of timelessness, while reinforcing the globe company's long-standing reputation for craftsmanship. It also celebrates the spirit of wonder and exploration, instantly conveying the brand's premium position to the specialty retailers, buyers, and consumers Replogle seeks to reach," says Michael Murray, Planet Propaganda's brand manager.

Murray and colleagues at Planet collaborated with Replogle's marketing staff to modify the company's current logo, design a national and an international stationery system, develop electronic templates for digital correspondence, and publish a graphic standards guide to direct all future materials.

"Planet Propaganda took us to the next level in presenting an updated image that better represents our quality and position to our customers, as well as gains enthusiasm among the specialty retailers, dealers and buyers. They were wonderful to work with and did top-notch work to create something we are very proud of," says Maureen Kehoe, direct marketing manager for Replogle. "They have provided us with a strong, creative foundation to support all other marketing efforts."

Planet previously designed Replogle's Web site, catalog, direct marketing and other marketing materials. "The updated identity system carries the look and feel of the established look and feel that audiences have already started to experience and associate with Replogle's brand. In other words, the shirt now matches the pants," says Murray.

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