Lebens(t)raume Student Competition 2009

Lebens(t)raume Student Competition 2009

iF International Forum Design GmbH invites young designers to take part in "lebens(t)raume 2009", a student competition initiated by Vincents Network.

iF seeks entries from students and young professionals from all over the world.

The projects entered must not be more than two years old and must have been completed during the study time.

Entries can be made by individuals as well as by groups.

This year's competition is devoted to the topic of "living working spaces.".

Contestants are invited to submit their visions and solutions for buildings, rooms, products and services which have been developed in line with the principles of universal design and assisted living.

In the category universal design, these draft projects should be conceived of for use by the largest number of people possible, with all their varying capabilities and qualifications.

The watchword here is "design for everyone," as opposed to merely "design for the elderly."

Assisted living includes products, architecture and services for people in special situations which help preserve and promote a lifestyle which is as independent as possible.

We look forward to receiving a large number of exciting, trailblazing projects.

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