Winners of 2017 Taipei Cycle D&I Awards

Winners of 2017 Taipei Cycle D&I Awards

Taiwan External Trade Development Council and Taiwan Bicycle Association have announced the winners of the 2017 Taipei Cycle D&I Awards. The jury awarded the seal of quality for design and innovation to 57 entries.

The seven top designs were recognized with the prestigious TAIPEI CYCLE gold award, with winners hailing from Taiwan, China, France, and the United Kingdom.

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"I saw many developing trends in this year's entries. The industry is introducing more environmentally sustainable manufacturing methods and materials, which make the products even greener," commented Jury chairman Francois Liang. "Smart technology, such as the integration of Internet of Things, is becoming more prevalent. The industry is undoubtedly paying more attention to the practice of user interface design to make cycling easier and more convenient. Electric bikes are now quickly growing in popularity, and a much wider range of electric bikes is presented to the jury this year, including e-racing bikes, e-mountain bikes and e-urban bikes. This is an advantage for all bike riders, especially for our aging population. People are still able to enjoy riding with the help of technology when they age."

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