Rabbit Hutch Britain? - RIBA Debate Space Standards

Rabbit Hutch Britain?: RIBA Debate Space Standards

As part of the annual Research Symposium series, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is hosting an event to discuss the highly topical issue of space standards.

At a time when new-build British homes are statistically the smallest on average in Europe, the symposium brings together leading housing experts to explore the current challenges concerning the quality and quantity of space in new homes.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear first hand from those responsible for housing research, which will include studies of social, technical, economic and environmental issues.

The event will also address how housing research fits into the wider policy debate and addressing how issues such as overcrowded homes impact on health and well-being.

Speaking at the event will be Jack Pringle, RIBA Past President; Sian Berry from the Green Party; Dominic Church, CABE; Jeremy Till from the University of Sheffield and Steve Carr, English Partnerships

"The reintroduction of space standards has been hotly debated topic in the press and within wider government," said Keith Snook, Director of Research and Technical at the RIBA.

"By hosting this event, the RIBA hopes to create a forum where the subject can be analysed, synthesised and debated with a particular emphasis on proper and objective research.

It will be absolutely fascinating and I hope persuasive."

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