Architecture Organizations

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  1. RIBA


    The Royal Institute of British Architects, one of the most influential architectural institutions in the world, has been promoting architecture and architects since being awarded its Royal Charter in 1837.

  2. AIA


    The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is the leading professional membership organization for licensed architects, emerging professionals, and allied partners. The AIA serves its members through advocacy, information, and community.

    Washington, DC, United States
  3. RIAS


    The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland was founded in 1916 as the professional body for all chartered architects in Scotland and is the foremost architectural professional institute in the country dealing with architecture and the built environment. The RIAS has charitable status and offers a wide range of services and products for architects, students of architecture, construction industry professionals and all those with an interest in the built environment and the design process.

  4. Society of Architectural Historians

    Society of Architectural Historians

    The Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) promotes the study, interpretation, and conservation of architecture, design, landscapes, and urbanism worldwide for the benefit of all. SAH serves a network of local, national, and international institutions and individuals who, by vocation or avocation, focus on the built environment and its role in shaping contemporary life.

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    Design Corps

    Design Corps' mission is to create positive change in communities by providing architecture and planning services. Our vision is realized when people are involved in the decisions that shape their lives, including the built environment.

  6. RAIC


    The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, established in 1907, is a voluntary national association representing more than 3,200 architects, and faculty and graduates of accredited Canadian Schools of Architecture from every region of the country. RAIC is the voice for architecture and its practice in Canada.

  7. Architectural League of New York

    Architectural League of New York

    The Architectural League of New York is an independent forum for creative and intellectual work in architecture, urbanism, and related disciplines. The League promotes excellence and innovation in architecture and urbanism by furthering the education of architects and designers, and by communicating to a broad audience the importance of architecture in public life.

  8. Materials and Applications

    Materials & Applications

    Materials & Applications (M&A) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a public culture of experimental architecture in Los Angeles. Our mission is to advance original and critical ideas about architecture through public projects and programs. We produce outdoor installations, workshops, and dialogues in collaboration with architects, artists, and communities.

  9. Singapore Institute of Architects

    Singapore Institute of Architects

    The Singapore Institute of Architects is a professional organization established in 1961 with the objective to promote the architectural profession and the built environment in Singapore. The Institute is the sole representative for the architectural profession in Singapore.

  10. The Building Centre

    The Building Centre

    The Building Centre exists to promote innovation in the built environment. First established in 1931, the organisation has since developed to become a not-for-profit dedicated to providing education, information and inspiration to all sectors of the built environment as well as the general public. Our building on South Crescent, Store Street, in central London, is open to all involved in architecture and construction; it is a place where you can learn and develop knowledge and join the ongoing debate about the built environment.

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    Ontario Association of Architects

    The Ontario Association of Architects is a self-regulating organization governed by the Architects Act, which is a statute of the Government of Ontario. The Association is dedicated to promoting and increasing the knowledge, skill and proficiency of its members, and administering the Architects Act, in order that the public interest may be served and protected.

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    Association of Architecture Organizations

    During a time of unprecedented interest in architecture and the built environment, there is a growing need for a place that non-profit architectural centers and organizations can meet, network and share best practices. The Association of Architecture Organizations (AAO) is being established to address these needs, and to serve as a member-based service organization for the non-profit architecture and design field.

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    Public Architecture

    Public Architecture puts the resources of architecture in the service of the public interest. The organization identifies and solves practical problems of human interaction in the built environment and acts as a catalyst of public discourse through education, advocacy and the design of public spaces and amenities.

  14. IAAC


    The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia is an international centre of education and research focused in architecture understood as a discipline that involve different scales from territorial analysis, urban developments, architectural projects, digital fabrications and informational environments.

  15. Shelter Global

    Shelter Global

    Shelter Global is an interdisciplinary not-for-profit organization focused on providing safe, clean living conditions for everyone. Inadequate shelter has a direct connection to the cycle of poverty and can have a major effect on ones health, safety and prosperity. Our goal is to spread awareness about the large percentage of the worlds population living in these conditions. Spreading this awareness will give rise to new ideas on how to solve the world's shelter crisis.

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    AIA Portland

    The American Institute of Architects is a national organization of architects and allied professionals. With a membership of over 800, the Portland Chapter's goal is to create and maintain an enduring environment for the work of architects in the culture and commerce of the community.

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    Chicago Architecture Foundation

    The Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing public interest and education in architecture and design. CAF presents a comprehensive program of tours, exhibitions, lectures, special events, and adult and youth education activities, all designed to enhance the public's awareness and appreciation of Chicago's outstanding architectural legacy.

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    Boston Society of Architects

    The Boston Society of Architects is committed to professional development for our members, advocacy on behalf of great design, and sharing an appreciation for the built environment with the public at large.

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    American Institute of Architecture Students

    Since 1956, the American Institute of Architecture Students has been the voice of students to the educational system and the profession of architecture and design in North America-and beyond. The association helps to build interest and enrich the educational experience of students (of all ages) and others in architecture and design.

  20. Sarasota Architectural Foundation

    Sarasota Architectural Foundation

    The Sarasota Architectural Foundation (SAF) is a not-for-profit organization that celebrates the Sarasota School of Architecture movement and advocates to preserve the midcentury modern structures that exemplify its forward-looking principles. Through our ongoing series of lectures, films, tours and the annual SarasotaMOD Architecture Festival, SAF continues to inform and inspire a loyal and diverse following.

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    Dallas Architecture Forum

    The Dallas Architecture Forum provides a continuing and challenging public discourse on architecture and urban design in - and for - the Dallas area. The Forum offers presentations of architecture through public lectures by designers, critics, and historians; through topical discussions; and through occasional study tours to buildings and cities locally and throughout the world.

  22. Association for Women in Architecture and Design

    Association for Women in Architecture + Design

    The Association for Women in Architecture and Design is a Professional Society dedicated to supporting career and educational endeavors for women working in the built environment. The organization's mission is to advance and support women in the allied fields of architecture and design. We encourage and foster high levels of achievement by providing educational programming, mentoring, and illuminating career opportunities for students and professionals in these fields.

  23. The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

    The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

    The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation was established in 1940 as the repository of the life work of Frank Lloyd Wright. The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is committed to advancing the ideas and principles of organic architecture, organic education, and conservation of the natural environment. The Foundation also seeks to preserve and enhance the lifetime contributions and ideas of Frank Lloyd Wright, and make available to the public opportunities to study and experience organic architecture.

  24. CIAT


    The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) is the lead qualifying body for Architectural Technology and represents those practising and studying within the discipline. CIAT qualifies Chartered Architectural Technologists, MCIAT, and professionally qualified Architectural Technicians, TCIAT.

  25. National Institute of Building Sciences

    National Institute of Building Sciences

    The National Institute of Building Sciences successfully brings together representatives of government, the professions, industry, labor and consumer interests, and regulatory agencies to identify and resolve problems and potential problems that hamper the construction of safe, affordable structures for housing, commerce and industry throughout the United States.

  26. Association of Licensed Architects

    Association of Licensed Architects

    The Association of Licensed Architects is a national resource organization for architects. We support the art, science, and business of architecture while inviting contractors, material suppliers, and reviewers to be part of the conversation of shaping our built environment.

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    Winnipeg Architecture Foundation

    The Winnipeg Architecture Foundation (WAF) is a nonprofit, registered charitable organization dedicated to advancing the awareness and appreciation of Winnipeg's built environment through public education.