Fennia Prize 2009 - Good Design Grows Global

Fennia Prize 2009: Good Design Grows Global

The Fennia Prize 2009 Competition is aimed at international companies applying design on a wide basis.

Applications of design are expanding into new areas.

Alongside product design, various services, such as banks,the insurance and finance sector and digital design utilise expertise in design.

The competition period will last until October 31, 2008.

Fennia Prize 2009 - Good Design Grows Global is a design competition for firms and businesses.

The competition is open to companies making designed products or applying design in other ways in their business.

It consists of a Product Series and an Open Series, which means that a greater number of companies utilising design may now participate.

The total amount of the prize sums is EUR35,000.

The Fennia Prize Grand Prix, the Fennia Prizes and Honourable Mentions are awarded according to the decision of the prize jury.

The internationally esteemed Fennia Prize is now being awarded for the tenth time.

The prize juries, consisting of experts in design, industry, trade and media, have so far awarded prizes to over 200 companies.

Prize-winning companies and products are included in the Fennia Prize exhibition and its tour in Finland and abroad.

These exhibitions have been toured Europe, Asia and South America.

In addition, the prize-winners are entitled to use the Fennia Prize logo, and they will be featured in an impressive exhibition catalogue.

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