The Fennia Prize 2009 on Display in Seoul in December

The Fennia Prize 2009 on Display in Seoul in December

The winning entries of the Fennia Prize 2009 competition will be shown in Seoul at the World Best Design Exhibition. The venue is the Songdo Convensia Incheon Convention Center near International Airport.

World Best Design Exchange is a section of Design Korea 2009, involving design-prize exhibitions similar to the Fennia Prize from all over the world, from a total of 21 design organizations and 19 countries. The local organizing body is the Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP), which has been an active partner in collaboration with Design Forum Finland since 2003.

Theme Zone - Design, Engine of Green Growth
Along with the Fennia Prize winners, Finnish products will also be on display in the theme Zone of Design Korea 2009, focusing on environmentally friendly manufacturing with the theme "Design, Engine of Green Growth." Durat, Arvo Piiroinen and SavetheC are the Finnish companies invited to exhibit in this section. KIDP will publish a catalogue of the Design Korea 2009 event, which will also present winning products of the Fennia Prize competition, among other items.

Fennia Prize - Good design grows global is a design competition for businesses. It is open to firms and companies making designed products or using design in other ways in their business. Held biennially, the competition includes two series: Product Design Series and the Open Series.

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