Scion and ATTIK Evolve United by Individuality Campaign via Samples

Scion and ATTIK Evolve United by Individuality Campaign via Samples

Global creative agency ATTIK and Scion announced the next phase of the "United By Individuality" campaign, which debuted nationwide last summer featuring hundreds of Scion owners and their Scions in campaign assets distributed across virtually all media platforms. The new campaign creative is named "Samples," and it consists of several bold print ads appearing in current and upcoming issues of numerous youth-focused lifestyle publications, a new round of attention-grabbing TV and in-cinema ads, and vibrant billboards set to appear in selected markets across the U.S. over the weeks ahead. Like the original campaign's assets, the Samples campaign also features actual Scion owners' vehicles photographed at last year's Scion United owner event.

"These newest ads energetically combine actual owners' xBs, xDs and tCs with stock models in ways that convey the distinct personalities of Scion's vehicles and their owners - while also showing how their individuality ties them together," explained ATTIK co-founder and creative director Simon Needham.

"The brand celebrated its fifth anniversary last year and Samples shows how passionate our more than 675,000 Scion owners are about their cars," said Nancy Inouye, Scion advertising and media manager. "We will continue our efforts to show spots like Samples on select late night cable programming, use creative print spreads in niche publications and push the creative envelope with our non-traditional advertising for 2009."

Breaking last night in high-profile broadcast venues were two :30 spots Needham directed through the artists at production company Imaginary Forces (IF). Like other campaign spots set to debut later, "Samples tC" and "Samples xB" use images of actual Scions ranging from "mild" stock versions to "wild" customizations treated with IF's artistic visual effects and hybrid, sound-driven musical scores from Face the Music, in ways that underscore the unique personality of each model and its respective owners.

The campaign's forthcoming printed assets include numerous gatefold and spread executions, as well as two spectacular ads featuring combinations of images of stock and customized Scions. The innovative spectaculars are geared to engage readers with their interactive elements and emphasize the brand's identity. The first spectacular, entitled "Pull-Tab," is a full-page front-and-back ad presenting a "wildly" modified xB, tC and xD, with copy reading "Band of others." Sections of colorful and wild modifications are added in and change the appearance of each model when the reader moves the pull-tab along the outer edge. The backside copy states, "Band together," and shows stock versions of each model. Next, the "Accordion" spectacular, customized for the tC and xD, is a gatefold spread featuring what appear to be very long customized Scions made up of different sections. Using the folding instructions included on the back, readers can transform the ads into accordion-like images of two different and wildly customized Scions.

"Scion owners think of us as more than just a car company and their peers are like family," said Inouye. "Samples showcases Scion's personality and similar to our previous campaigns, we hope it will help us attract and engage new and young customers."


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