Level_10 - Computer Worlds Inspire Design Concept by BMW Group DesignworksUSA

Level_10: Computer Worlds Inspire Design Concept by BMW Group DesignworksUSA

The gaming industry is an industry that is associated with attributes such as visionary creativity, innovative strength and progressiveness.

But where does it get its inspiration from and how does one set trends in an industry which stands for progressive thinking and inventiveness?

A clear answer to this question was recently given by the creative studio BMW Group DesignworksUSA with a design concept for the latest high end gaming tower of the company Thermaltake for which the gaming world itself served as a source of inspiration.

The "Level_10" concept reveals the computers' inner workings, thus putting the computers' architectural aesthetics, which are the result of the individually combinable components, centre stage.

The creative team took its inspiration from the computer worlds: virtual cityscapes and futuristic gaming components serve as orientation for the organisation and design of the individual components.

In the overall design they form an open, modular structure that offers functional added value: in the "Level_10" concept the precious components are enclosed in their own cases and are thus not only an essential part of the design, but their easy replacement and transportation is also guaranteed.

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