The Level 10 M Mouse by DesignworksUSA

The Level 10 M Mouse by DesignworksUSA

Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse, designed by DesignworksUSA as the first product of an innovative series of gaming accessories, will be launched in Spring 2012.

In 2009, Thermaltake tasked DesignworksUSA to design the Level 10 high end gaming tower concept. The result was a chassis which triggered off a lot of praise from the IT and pro-gaming world and many awards for its sheer revolutionary approach to computer housing. Now the collaboration continues with the expansion of the Level 10 experience to a range of gaming peripherals for Thermaltake's e-sports division.

For the upcoming range of Level 10 accessory products DesignworksUSA challenged Thermaltake with most progressive design concepts. They aim at extending the Level 10 experience of the chassis to products that gamers directly interact with.

The Level 10 M Mouse is the first product to be launched out of the new series of gaming peripherals. It will give testimony to the delicate thinking of the designers when applying the Level 10 design language to additional products. For the designers this task meant to extend the Level 10 gaming experience to all the gamers' senses. Facing the challenge of translating the design language of the expressive geometrical Level 10 chassis onto products which by nature require ergonomic design solutions the design team came up with an array of innovative solutions to provide pro-gamers with products that speak the Level 10 design language but still provide them with the most pleasant and comfortable equipment for heavy use.

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