IDC Wins Global Awards for Packaging Design

IDC Wins Global Awards for Packaging Design

Following in the footsteps of two IDEA Awards for innovation and design, Industrial Design Consultancy Ltd. has been presented with two further awards for excellence in packaging design - this time on a global scale.

The multi-disciplinary product development consultancy received an AsiaStar and WorldStar award for its role in designing and engineering a self-injector insulin pen that looks set to improve the lives of many diabetes sufferers.

Developed for Indian healthcare giant, Wockhardt, the insulin pen is a first in both design and functionality for the Indian market.

Disposable, reusable and affordable, the pen is expected to dramatically advance diabetes treatment in India by offering a portable, quick and easy insulin dosage system for people on the move.

The insulin pen beat several hundred entrants for both awards.

Judges came from seven different countries to make the decision at the AsiaStar Awards in Tokyo.

The Wockhardt Insulin Pen was compared to similar products worldwide and singled out for innovation and excellence in packaging design.

Such global recognition was particularly timely as IDC opened the doors to a new office in Hong Kong at the start of the year.

The move will give the company an official base to continue a long history of working with international clients and provide added value for UK customers looking to break into world markets.


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