Sony's Wealth Creation

Sony's Wealth Creation

Chaos announced its work on Sony Professional's EMEA brand development - "Visual Wealth". The new brand strategy, originated and conceived by McCann Erickson is designed to consolidate Sony Professional business units and provide a consistent and confident message to market by encompasses all Sony B2B business units (which includes Broadcast and AV, Video Conferencing and Video Security, Retail and Healthcare, Projectors and Public Displays and Digital Photography).

Appointed without a pitch, Chaos was already working with Sony Professional on various pan European projects - a variety of offline and online, through the line projects. Chaos were chosen to consult on and develop the implementation of the creative brand strategy due to their track record in developing comprehensive brand guidelines, providing brand management and brand activation.

Beginning with a comprehensive audit of all existing marketing materials, Chaos compiled a detailed review and recommendations for an adoption strategy across EMEA.

The core of the project was to provide internal communications in the form of online brand guidelines including downloadable pdf documentation, training materials and activation activities with Chaos driving the branding forward for roll out to the individual business units. The 'brandsite' and support guidelines and documentation introduces Visual Wealth strategy, explains the inspiration behind the brand in terms of proposition, mission, brand values and brand essence and provides comprehensive implementation templates and real world working examples from inspiration to implementation. Based upon the proposition that revelatory, powerful and emotional images, used creatively and confidently, can capture the imagination and do so much more... that Sony have the capability of adding value by transforming images assets into Visual Wealth. The project launches internally on the 1st April with external activation following accordingly.

As brand guardians, Chaos is supporting the launch by training key International Sony Professional marketers and other agencies to ensure a deeper understanding and smooth adoption of the new brand. Working intensely with Mark Lewis, Suraiya Phillimore-Smith and Louise Bryce at Sony Professional Marketing Communications, who have been instrumental in driving the project forward, as well as through inter-agency collaboration with McCann Erickson, Inferno (PR) and Dare (online) to ensure the project was delivered on time within the 6 month project timescale.

"Visual Wealth is important because it describes our very complicated business with one single idea," commented Mark Lewis, Communications Manager, Sony Professional Solutions Europe EMEA. "It gives us the best chance to connect with our customers by improving our ability to communicate, coherently, the amazing things we do at Sony Professional. Chaos has really grasped the concept and delivered 100%"

"Working with Sony Professional to roll out the new brand strategy has been a major project with a huge investment in both time and effort for all concerned," added Peter Campbell, Head of Creative & Brand Strategy, Chaos Design. "We had to really understand the brand through consultancy and audit before we could recommend implementation, activation and guidelines accordingly. The online brandsite has helped capture and provide a central resource for the new brand including best practice examples we have developed. Selecting images that are' revelatory' has been an interesting creative process for the agency as well as for the client, and the result has established a distinctive new brand language."

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