New Name and New Corporate Identity for Figaro Medias

New Name and New Corporate Identity for Figaro Medias

Dragon Rouge created the new name and visual identify for Publiprint, the advertising arm of the Figaro Group: FigaroMedias.

Publiprint, the advertising arm of the Figaro Group, handles the sale of advertising space for all Group publications including daily newspapers, magazines, guides and websites, and in different areas such as news, women's magazines, entertainment, the web and classified ads.

Publiprint - whose name is mainly familiar to advertisers and media agencies - decided to adopt a new name to leverage the value of the Figaro brand and to take advantage of this change in its identity to reassert its expertise as a multimedia operation.

The Group therefore asked Dragon Rouge to overhaul its brand system with a new focus on the "Figaro" name to show that "Figaro" has become a combined print and web media brand.

Dragon Rouge advised Publiprint to rebrand to FigaroMedias to lay greater emphasis on the "media" aspect of the brand, and to rework its brand architecture in a way that emphasizes the variety of different marketing solutions offered. Building on "Affluent People" - Le Figaro's existing B2B communication trademark - the agency created an authentic "FigaroMedias Affluent People" logo block.

Three new expertise-specific brands were also developed along with their own specific color codes:

- FigaroMedias Powerful People (red) around the Group's TV magazine,
- FigaroMedias Digital People (light blue) around the Group's editorial websites, and
- FigaroMedias Searching People (orange) for the classified ads and specialized press business.

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